The Three Month Gold Hypnosis Coaching Program

Are you ready to create the life you want?


Are you ready to...

  • Have a career that fulfills you at the cellular level?

  • Start the business the business that excites you?

  • Be in a relationship based on trust and respect?

  • Write the book you always wanted to write?

  • Allow yourself to make more money?

  • Have great health?

  • Get spiritually connected?

  • Feel more peace and joy?


How It All Began

When you came into the world, you were trusting, full of love and sublimely perfect. You were completely open and pure. You were completely present and in sync with the rhythms of nature. You couldn't wait to jump out of bed first thing in the morning and you didn't want to go to bed at night because life was so exciitng and there was so much to see, learn and experience. You felt wonder when looking up at the moon and the stars and could spend hours outside in nature making one discovery after another. There wasn't any past and there wasn't any future, there was just you completely connected to life, completely and totally a part of life....


...Then life happened and fears began to arise, insecutieties began to develop and you began to stop yourself from connecting with life and taking risks. You began to have doubts.


My Mission

It is my mission to help you shed the fear, insecurities, guilt and anger that started as a child and are now blocking you from living the life you really want. During the course of this program, we work together to dissolve the karmic knots that are keeping you from truly engaging with life and connecting to who you are at the soul level.



What are you waiting for? 

When you sign up to work with me for the three month program, not only will I offer you illumination through the amazing tool of Vedic Astrology, but I will utilize an array of powerful ancient and modern transformational healing and coaching techniques, including hypnosis.


What Happens in Between Sessions?

In between our sessions, I give you powerful practices to do that reinforce the shift that has taken place during your session. In addition, I offer you unlimited email support. You may ask me any question you like, and if you are feeling really inspired, ask me for more practices. During our time together, I am your support, your mountain, your stability. 


Isn't it time to GO FOR IT?

I have created each step of this program to gently yet effectively move you forward in your evolution. As we work together, you will begin to gain clarity about yourself and your life, experience a sense of inner calm, and above all feel emotionally liberated.


Think how great it would feel to finally FEEL GOOD about yourself and your LIFE!





One Month High Vibe Coaching Program

(1) 2 hour breakthrough session (value $225)


(3) 60 minute private sessions  (value $450

Unlimited Email Access (value $200)


Weekly practices customized to your needs ($200)


Total Value $1075

Investment $600





    Ready to work with me


feel alive again?


"Tracy's reading and coaching helped me to find clarity and peace surrounding several emotional issues in my life, including an unhealthy relationship with food and a struggle with negative body image. With her guidance, I have adopted several positive daily practices involving meditation, affirmations, and general mindfulness, all of which have helped me to feel more connected to my body, more centered and focused mentally, and ultimately more capable of attaining my goals. Tracy's coaching style is highly personalized, flexible, and infused with intelligence and compassion, and I recommend her wholeheartedly."

Kristen B.

Real Estate Broker

After three months of working with Tracy, I

I feel happier and more at peace with my life. I have forgiven my ex-boyfriend and let go of anger and resentment toward him. I was feeling stuck in my living situation and have since moved out of my old apartment, with roommates, into a much bigger new apartment that I have all to myself. What a great feeling! 

Juliana Pereyro

Massage Therapist

“My sessions with Tracy resulted in my being able to remove alcohol permanently from my private and social existence. My willing participation and determination to change coupled with coaching sessions with Tracy made for the perfect combination of student and teacher.”


Ronald Paczkoski


“Since seeing Tracy for coaching sessions, I've been feeling more confident, optimistic and even joyful. My concentration has improved and I'm feeling more present than I have in a long time.”


Joseph Morales


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