Learn Vedic Astrology and Gain the Skills to Read A Vedic Birth Chart!

One Hour/$60 - Ten Session Package $550
Tracy offers one-on-one personalized tutoring in Vedic astrology via Skype, phone or in-person. Read below to discover FIVE POWERFUL WAYS learning to read your own Vedic Astrology chart can IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.

#1 To give you better self-understanding and acceptance of who you are.
#2 To understand how you are in relationships and why.
#3 To gain insight into your career and financial blue prints.
#4 To shine light on your path when you are at a crossroads.
#5 To learn what your potential health issues are.

In these sessions we will cover:
The history and astronomy of Vedic astrology
The four aims of life
The law of karma
The meaning of the twelve signs of the zodiac
The archetypal meaning of the planets
How to judge planetary strength and weakness
House placement of planets
The meaning of the twelve houses
Planetary Aspects
Divisional Charts or Amshas
The art of interpretation
The art of prediction


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