I got a fantastic Vedic Astrology reading from Tracy. Tracy's energy is gentle but strong and grounded, which creates an environment of safety for exploration. Knowing nothing about me, I was astonished at the accuracy and nuance of the reading. She provided a general overview as well as specifics about areas of life, such as career. She gave me insight into how I approach my career, what strengths I bring, and even which populations I should focus on. For instance, from looking at my chart, Tracy asked if I had any experience working with women and women's bodies, particularly sexual or reproductive health. I currently work in a victim intervention program that helps female survivors of sexual and domestic violence. I was amazed that she could tell that from my chart!

Not only is Tracy very skilled and intuitive, but her reading was so accurate that it helped me to have greater confidence in my own intuition by reinforcing the choices that I've already been making and confirming my own self-perceptions. The reading helped me to trust that my life is unfolding as it should be and that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. Tracy created a supportive space and answered my questions with insight, honesty, and optimism. Even when she observed challenges that were indicated in my chart, she was able to offer strategies for overcoming these obstacles. In addition, she generously took the time to answer all my questions before she ended our session. I will definitely be returning to Tracy for future readings and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in self-discovery. She is truly gifted at her craft.”


                                                   - Jocelyn S.
                                                      NY, NY

“Tracy has a wonderful energy that just emanates from within. It comes across so clearly. She is incredibly gifted as well as being a very warm and considerate person. My reading was so accurate, it was so inspiring. Tracy is very intuitive; she picked up on a variety of things going on in my life and things I have been dealing with. She offered a great deal of insight. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone interested in a reading! I like to think this is the beginning of a long association I will have with her. I believe it is true that everything happens exactly the way it is supposed to for our highest good. My reading with Tracy is exactly what I needed at this time in my life. Thank you so much for everything!”


                               - Susan P.

                                  NY, NY

“Tracy knows her stuff! She was able to lift up concrete examples of my personality, likes and interests, health issues etc.  This laid the foundation to discuss how things may unfold in the future and what to pay attention to.  In essence, the accuracy of what she knew about me made me pretty trusting in the accuracy of what she saw in the years ahead.  It was an eye-opening session and very helpful!”


                                                - Kamara O.

                                                   NY, NY

“Tracy's reading was extremely on target. She was well prepared and able to answer and analyze in a very accurate manner questions about specific events and personality traits. This reading was extraordinarily helpful to me at this point of big endings and therefore even bigger beginnings. Bravo Tracy, I left feeling very positive and recharged. The surroundings are very homey and comfortable. Tracy is generous in spirit and gentle in manner.”


                                   - Ronald S.

                                      NY, NY

I'm so grateful to be have Tracy in my corner. Her extremely knowledgeable approach to Vedic Astrology is both grounded and compassionate. Even inhabiting an architectural structure that sees the world through the lens of astrological truths for just a singe session helped me to find a sense of peace, to see the larger picture, and to realize that "this too shall pass." Thank you Tracy!


                  - Miriam A.  

                     SF, CA


I have been going to Tracy for over a year because I always get a lot out of her readings.  When something comes up, I always wonder what will Tracy think about this.  What I really like is that she is right on and doesn't just predict the future but gives you remedies to help with any astrological obstacles you might be facing.  As a single woman in her 30s, I have a lot of unknowns in my life and Tracy's guidance helps to set me at ease that I am along my true path both in business and romance.

                                         -Ivy B.

                                           NY, NY

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