We Evolve Together: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

For the remainder of the month, the star of the show is the sign of Aquarius. As of February 6th, Venus, the deity that represents the five senses and the ability to give and receive love, entered the humanitarian and community oriented sign of Aquarius. Then we have Saturn and Jupiter both aspecting Aquarius as they have both been doing since the end of October. Mars joined the party when he moved into own sign of Scorpio on January 17th and from there began aspecting Aquarius by his 4th house aspect. But that’s not all… on February 13th, the sun (atman or the true self ) moved into Aquarius, and Mercury is set to join the gala on the 15th. Finally, the moon will enter Aquarius for a new moon eclipse on the 15th as well. Wow! That is a lot of Aquarius.

What does all this mean? Firstly, it means that the house in your chart that contains the sign of Aquarius both from the ascendent and the moon is on fire. For the next two weeks it’s being triggered big time. For all of us, it is highlighting Aquarian themes in our lives. How attuned we are to the world around us and to ourselves will indicate how deeply we connect with these themes. To understand this stellium a little better, let’s look a little closer at Aquarius.

Aquarius is the the sign of progressive thinkers, revolutionaries, inventors, eccentrics and idealists. It represent community, groups and friendship. At its highest, Aquarius’ greatest desire is to be of service to all of humanity and will champion the underdog and the outcast. Aquarius is a fixed sign, giving it a tendency to be loyal. Spiritually, it is a sign that views all humanity as one and that we are evolving together. This is in line with many spiritual teachings that state that by helping others to awaken, we help ourselves awaken.

In light of these themes, this is a good time to ask ourselves how we can be of greater service to our community, our friends and humanity as a whole. You might have a voice in your head that whispers to you from time to time about volunteering somewhere, creating a philanthropic event or fundraiser for a much needed cause or simply helping your friends a little more. With all this emphasis on Aquarius, the energy is there to take that idea and begin to manifest, to actually do something that will help others and give you an enormous feeling of satisfaction and purpose.

New moons are always about beginnings and sometimes to begin something we have to end something. On a personal level this lunar cycle opens the way toward freedom and overcoming unwanted emotional habits. As Saturn and Mars are aspecting this eclipse, it comes through discipline (Mars) and commitment (Saturn). Through surrender (Saturn) and right action (Mars). Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and grace, is also aspecting offering us guidance at this time. This could come through teachers, children or your own higher self. Studies have found that it takes 28 days to make a new habit. This could be your time to create a new habit that is the gateway to more emotional freedom. On Thursday, the day of the new moon, take the time to choose what you are committed to creating in your life for 28 consecutive days, and then begin…

Until next time...

Be creative,


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