The Teacher Planets Unite: Venus and Jupiter in Libra

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After a very eventful summer with three powerful eclipses and the intensity of a retrograde Mars conjunct Ketu, September is shaping up to be a much lighter period. This shift to a more harmonious time, begins with Mars turning direct on August 28, finally allowing for his fiery action oriented energy to be expressed outwardly into the physical realm and away from the psychological/emotional which can be more challenging. In addition, Saturn, the planet of security and determination, will turn direct on September 7, further adding to the flow of energy moving forward and outward. This allow us to bring projects that we have been working on behind the scenes or simply just thinking about out into the open and into the world.

The big stars of this month are Jupiter and Venus, for they are both traveling together in the soft spoken, peace-loving and relating oriented constellation of Libra until October 12, when Jupiter moves into Scorpio. Venus and Jupiter are both teacher planets in Vedic astrology and have the ability to bestow wisdom, love and intelligence. Venus is especially strong during her transit of Libra as she owns this sign and is very comfortable here. This opens the door to more cooperation, harmony and appreciation of beauty in our personal lives and for the world at large. We have a short but potent time for the next five weeks to open our hearts to their expansive teachings and perhaps learn at a deeper level how to treat each other with more kindness, to see the truth through objectivity and open our ears and eyes to the beauty of music and art that are powerful portals to feeling more connected to life.

Aries Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 7th house of relationships, sweetening all partnerships and one-on-one interactions. This is a great opportunity to see the other person’s side of the situation and through this objectivity open the door to peace and cooperation. Venus is also aspecting your first house of self, making it a great time to connect with yourself and do something creative and fun that feeds your soul.

Taurus Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 6th house, highlighting health, work and daily routines. With two benefits here, work life becomes more pleasant as does the idea of establishing new health practices that you actually enjoy and are not something just to get through. If you have been having an altercation with someone, this could be the month that things get resolved.

Gemini Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are moving though your 5th house of creativity, education and children, making it a great time to initiate a creative projects, start a class or other pursuit that is something you are truly in love with. If you have children, this month signals a time when they are doing quite well and your relationship with them improves.

Cancer Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 4th house of home and heart. This is an excellent time to beautify your home and make it the sanctuary you so much want. Venus is supporting you in making your home a place where you can recharge, feel secure and look forward to coming home to.

Leo Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 3rd house, signaling a time of being on the move and putting yourself out there in the world. Short trips may be on the rise this month as will be promotional activity and utilizing your skills and talents.

Virgo Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 2nd house, opening the door to increased financial abundance, excellent communication and the enjoyment of good food. Go ahead and indulge yourself, you deserve it after all your hard work.

Libra Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 1st house, allowing you connect well with others and be more social. Your natural charm and easy going manner are at a high now and you are an attraction magnet. You may feel a strong desire to appreciate the beauty of life. Go ahead and ride the wave.

Scorpio Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 12th house, opening the door to taking an enjoyable long distance trip, spending more time in nature and maybe even going on a much needed retreat.

Sagittarius Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 11th house, opening the door to making new friends, joining new groups and an overall expanded time of community building. With Venus’ additional aspect to the 5th house, this is a great time for creative projects and taking up a new course of study.

Capricorn Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 10th house of career, giving this area of life a boost this month. This is a great time for meeting new people at work and for building work related relationships. Any effort you put out now toward career and reputation building will come back tenfold. In addition, with Venus aspecting your 4th house of home and comfort, you enjoy spending time at home as much as at work.

Aquarius Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter are traveling through your 9th house, signaling a time of enjoyment through education, travel and adventure. If traveling during this period, you could make some great female friends and meet a teacher.

Pisces Rising/Moon

Venus and Jupiter moving through your 8th house brings a financial boost, benefits through partners and enjoyment of fine foods and good conversation. If you are interested in the deeper mysterious of life, spiritual evolution and transformation, this is a time where the doors of esoteric knowledge may be more of interest and more available to you.

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