Sun in Aries: Time to Get Wild and Wonderful

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Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.” - Steven Pressfield, "The War of Art"

April As we move into April and witness the unfolding of spring, the sun is still moving through selfless Pisces (Sidereal Zodiac) for the first half of the month and then moves into life affirming Aries for the second half where he will stay until mid May. Pisces is a fluid dual sign that represents the mystical, a time of change and ability to surrender to a higher source. It gives us the opportunity to clear, clean and let go of things on the material plane, as in our homes and in our bodies, making a great time to do a body cleanse and a deep home cleanse. It’s also a time where we may let go of a habit more easily than at other times, clearing the way for the creative energy that is Aries.

Sun in Aries As we move into the second half of April, and the sun moves into Aries, it is time to take initiative, to create, to take a risk that is growing us in some way. Nature all around us is coming alive and rebirthing itself, we are no different. It is our time to renew and reinvent. The warmer days allow us to spend more time outside and move our bodies more. Everything around us begins to quicken and the energy is one of upliftment and hope. We are reminded that there is a cycle and that although some things may leave our lives, this space offers us the opportunity to create something new. So get a little wild, take that risk, step into your fear and delight in seeing your creation take shape in the world.

Mars/Saturn Conjunction Continues During the entire month of April, Mars and Saturn will continue their dance together in adventurous Sagittarius. This conjunction has been going on since March 7th and will go until May 2nd. This combination is often referred to as the accelerator and the break or the start/stop combination as Mars and Saturn are very different energies.

Mars represents pure energy and vitality. He is a planet of ambition and moving fast. He wants to act, fight and win and therefore represents athletes, heroes and warriors. Saturn on the other hand is slow moving, cautious and calculating. He is also ambitious, but he wants to take his time. He represents patience, responsibility, commitment and discipline.

When theses two energies combine there is an intensity that is created that may help you to focus on a specific area in your life and work very hard there. It is certainly a time where you can make heroic leaps in a given area. However, this is also a workaholic combination and can sometimes lead to burnout. So during this month, if you are feeling stuck or stopped, it’s best not to forge ahead at that time, but pull back and go deeper with what you are doing so that when you move forward again, your foundation is stronger.

Mercury Retrograde Mercury began its retrograde cycle on March 23rd and remains retrograde until April 14th. Retrograde periods are always a good time to back over a project we have been working on and revise, and revision it. There may have been something we missed that needs our attention or it can simply be made better. Traditionally, it is not the best time for signing contracts and making verbal agreements, but if it is unavoidable don’t worry about it. There may be a clause or idea that needs changing when Mercury goes direct, but that can sometimes make it even stronger yet.

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