Shining Light in Dark Places: Jupiter Moves into Scorpio

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On October 11, 2018, Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and grace, in Vedic Astrology, is moving out of peace-loving Libra to into intense, transformative Scorpio where he will remain until November 5, 2019. To understand what this means, it’s always good to review the meaning of Jupiter and the sign he is transiting.

Jupiter (Brihaspati) As you may remember from some of my past blogs, Jupiter is named Brihaspati and he is the teacher or guru to the gods. In the mythology of Jupiter, he is the deity that instructed and protected the gods, and taught them how to get their share of the soma or divine nectar. Do do this, he shared his knowledge of how mantra has the power to drive away their enemies, the demons, also known as the asuras. From this, we can see that mantra is one of the prime tools for conquering our personal demons and creating a state of peace. As the divine teacher, Jupiter is the significator for mantra, truth, spiritual wisdom, faith and and knowledge. He is an expansive and benevolent planet that brings abundance, prosperity, growth and generosity to whatever house or planet he touches in the chart. He represents teachers of all kinds as well as children and he is also one of the planets of wealth along with Venus.

During the next 13 months, we can expect that Jupiter will create positive expansion, happiness and grace in the area of life indicated by the house he is transiting.

The Sign of Scorpio

Scorpio is a passionate charismatic and deep sign that at its highest desires spiritual evolution and freedom. It is a water sign and therefore a moksha sign or sign of spiritual liberation. At first, the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) can be daunting as they challenge us to surrender, confront us with our fears and insecurities and present us with the reality of loss. However, on the other side of the challenging aspects of the moksha houses, lies freedom, and Jupiter here signals a time when we will be guided through these unseen realms by a divine force that will offer us the support we need to transform.

This is an excellent time for meeting great teachers and healers that help us dive deep and shed light on the unconscious emotional and psychological material that are blocking us from fully engaging in life. During this transit we have an opportunity to shed fears and insecurities permanently and begin to understand at a cellular level the feeling of the true power that resides within and becoming comfortable with that power.

It’s also a time when we may gravitate toward exploring the hidden realms through astrology, psychology, emotional healing, esoteric knowledge, yoga and meditation. How will Jupiter in Scorpio Benefit You? (Please note: the rising, Sun and Moon signs are based on the Sidereal Zodiac which differs form the Tropical Zodiac by approximately 23 degrees.)

Aries Rising/Moon/Sun

As Jupiter moves into your 8th house, joint finances, as well as your personal income increase. There is the possibility of gains from wills, inheritance and alimony. You may take an interest in learning about psychology, metaphysics and transformation and enjoy doing research. Your values may shift now as you surrender your desires and let go of the idea that anything external will bring you happiness. Use Jupiter's blessing to let go of outdated insecurities, emotional scars and suffering. This in turn expands your hope and optimism as you experience a new sense of freedom and surrender.

Taurus Rising/Moon/Sun

As Jupiter transits your 7th house, the focus shifts to business partnerships and romantic relationships. If you are not in a relationship, this could be the year that you get into something meaningful, if you are in a relationship it is likely to improve or you may even get married. You may find yourself being able to achieve your desires with ease, whether they be large or small. In addition, your social life is likely and may find yourself wanting to learn more and expand your skills.

Gemini Moon/Rising/Sun

Jupiter moves into your 6th house, shifting your focus to work, self-healing and self-improvement. This a great time for new exercise routines and new ways of eating that strengthen your body and mind. Don't over reach in your resolutions when it comes to health as you may find yourself disappointed in the long run. Keep your expectations simple and goals reachable. Heed the call to donate your time to your favorite charity as this is a wonderful time to work on behalf of others who are in need. If you are thinking about changing jobs this is a great time to do it. You are likely to succeed in getting that job you have been dreaming about. This is a year of financial growth as well as your ability to save what you earn.

Cancer Rising/Moon/Sun

As Jupiter moves into your 5th house your social life expands. This a great time for getting in touch with your passions whether it be through a new romance or a creative endeavor. You are rich in creative self-expression and projects go well now. This is a favorable time for your relationships with your children, and there is also the possibility of pregnancy. You may take up a new course of study or take on a project that requires long term focus. If you are a teacher or coach, you may attract many new students and significantly expand your following.

Leo Rising/Moon/Sun

As Jupiter moves into your 4th house, the planet of grace and expansion will bring happiness to the home and heart. It's possible that a roommate or partner may move into your home. Some kind of change in your living space will occur during this transit; you may renovate a room, or the entire house or buy a new home. This is a good time to buy a new car, boat or other fixed asset. Jupiter will also bless your career and bring you luck with authority figures. It is a good time to strive for more and ask for a raise.

Virgo Rising/Moon/Sun

As Jupiter moves into your 3rd house, the focus shifts from resources to creativity and communication. This is a time of expanding your skills and interests. You may take a new class, go on many short as well as long distance journeys or begin a creative project. This is a time when you feel more courageous and adventurous and accomplish your goals with ease. If you have your own business, you will make great head way in promoting yourself. Relationships with siblings improve now, as does your relationship with a significant other.

Libra Rising/Moon/Sun

As Jupiter moves into the sign of Scorpio and your 2nd house of income and family, this is a great time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Family will prove to be a blessing at this time. You may want to put money away or invest in assets that keep their value. Jupiter's transit here will build your confidence and increase your self-worth. Joint resources will flourish at this time; you may consider expanding your own efforts in the business world or your own business may expand as you hire more employees. During this transit your efforts on the career front are rewarded in a big way.

Scorpio Rising/Moon/Sun

As Jupiter transits your first house, your world will expand. You may feel a renewed sense of hope, optimism and confidence. You have faith that things will work out. You may feel that you are ready to take on a bigger role and be received enthusiastically by others. This is your time to shine, be creative and be noticed. New opportunities come your way and you receive recognition and/or a promotion. Children may come into your life one way or another and there is the possibility of pregnancy. Relationships with business partners and romantic partners improve, and if you are single a romance is likely.

Sagittarius Rising/Moon/Sun

Jupiter moves into your 12th house shifting the focus to spirituality, long distance travel and the general desire to escape. Jupiter will bring plenty of opportunities to escape routines and sneak away. You may find yourself at the theater more this year or an opportunity for long distance travel may appear. You may even take one or more trips with a partner or meet someone while abroad.

Capricorn Rising/Moon/Sun

As Jupiter moves into your 11th house, the focus shifts to the expansion of goals and ambitions. You may attract powerful work associates and friends at this time. It is a great time to network and expand your social circles and community. If you are a teacher or coach, you may attract many new students and significantly expand your following. Business partnerships as well as romantic partnerships do well this year. Your cash flow is good and there are multiple opportunities for increasing your income.

Aquarius Rising/Moon/Sun

Success and prosperity through profession. It’s a super busy time in your career and you are utilizing your skills and talents well. You will be recognized and admired for your hard work. A boss or significant person in your career world will support you and nurture you in your career.

Pisces Rising/Moon/Sun

As Jupiter moves into your 9th house, you may feel that the shedding of the old patterns is complete for now and you are ready to expand through new teachings. This could manifest in taking a new class, getting a certification, going on a trip or going back to school. It is also possible that you may find yourself taking on the role of teacher yourself either formally or informally. In any case education, travel and philosophy bring you great joy and expansion now and you may even find yourself donating time or money to educational or religious institutions. This is also a good time for writing, advertising and promotion.

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