Feeling, Integrating, Transforming: Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio

image by @andikeh

This month the intense transformative sign of Scorpio is highlighted. Both Jupiter and Mercury transit Scorpio until the end of this month as does the Sun (Sidereal Zodiac) until December 16th. As the light of each day grows progressively shorter, it is fitting that the Sun travels through Scorpio, as it is a mysterious and deeply psychological sign that, like the 8th house, is the realm of our fears and insecurities, as well as our ability to surrender and regenerate.

As mentioned in the my blog on Jupiter in Scorpio, this is a time to look inward, to dig below the mundane surface level of understanding. We often spend most of our lives doing everything possible not to feel unprocessed pain and grief, using every distraction we can think of or is presented to us to keep the darkness at bay. This requires an enormous amount of energy and can eventually lead to fatigue, dissociation and even depression or physical illness. Jupiter in Scorpio for the next year offers us an opportunity shine the light in the hidden recesses of our psyche and bring unresolved issues into consciousness where they no longer control us. As a moksha (spiritual enlightenment) sign, Scorpio gives us the ability to heal our wounds and transform our vulnerabilities into our most powerful strengths. The key to this liberation is that first we must feel the pain of our wounds to shed them, to embrace our traumas so we can be free.

The beauty of Jupiter transiting this deep emotional sign of the unconscious, is that as the guru of the planets he makes processing our fears and insecurities much easier. We feel supported, we feel safe. This can come in the form of a teacher, therapist, guide, advisor, healer or even a child, as Jupiter does represent children. It can also come in the form of books, spiritual teachings and philosophy as Jupiter is also the planet of knowledge and wisdom.

With the addition of Mercury here until the January 1, 2019 and the Sun here until December 16, this is a particular potent time for gaining clarity and insight. Mercury in Scorpio allows the intellect to think and probe deeply. This is an excellent time to do research especially in subjects of finances, science, psychology, astrology, mysticism and yogic traditions. (Please note: the rising and Moon signs are based on the Sidereal Zodiac which differs from the Tropical Zodiac by approximately 23 degrees.) To re-read how Jupiter in Scorpio is influencing your sign, GO HERE. Until next time... Be creative, Tracy

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