High Energy: Mars and Jupiter in Libra

Painting by Jahan Vashti Mars Conjunct Jupiter Libra On November 29th, Mars moves into Libra and conjuncts Jupiter until January 17th. Mars is a fiery planet of action and Jupiter expands, making this six week period quite powerful. This is a high energy time where courage and confidence are high, making it an excellent time to take initiative and bust through some fears. Jupiter and Mars are friends, therefore they work well together. Jupiter the teacher and high priest is able to guide the warrior, Mars, and Mars is willing to listen. Since there is no Saturn aspect on this duo, they are able to express themselves fully and without restraint, which brings us the flip side of this combination. Two outgoing assertive planets, Jupiter and Mars, in the masculine air sign of Libra, as before mentioned is a combination for herculean achievements, but it’s important to know when to disengage and celebrate your victories, both to develop a mindset of gratitude and to avoid physical and emotional burnout. So go ahead and unleash the fire within, expand and succeed, just remember to stay centered and grounded as fire and air whirl around you.

Mercury conjunct Saturn This month we also have Mercury, the planet of communication and the intellect, forming a conjunction with our serious and hardworking friend, Saturn, in the sign of Sagittarius. As always, there is no good or bad in astrology. There are certain planets that challenge us to access our greatness and this can seem scary. Our ego wants the status quo and to stay small, but if it is our time to grow and evolve, then Saturn is usually involved and perhaps an outer planet as well. The conjunction of Saturn and Mercury is a relatively quick transit, only lasting 11 days this month. It began on November 24th. This period is especially good for focused handwork. You may find that you are able to tackle a project and make excellent progress. This combination can be very good for business, writing and serious learning, especially since it is in Sagittarius, the sign that seeks to know the truth. It is a great time for projects that require sustained concentration, patience and sound judgement. The tricky part to a Saturn/Mercury conjunction is that if we don’t focus our mind and work hard, then the mind can look in upon itself and begin to over analyze situations, creating a cascading stream of worry and doubt. Do yourself a big favor, and surrender your mind to the task at hand, stay determined and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Mercury Retrograde/Mercury Conjunct the Sun and Venus Mercury is set to go retrograde on December 3rd in freedom loving Sagittarius and then sneak back into emotionally intense Scorpio on December 11th. He then goes direct again on December 23rd. Although Mercury retrograde is not a good time to start new projects or make new agreements, it is an excellent time to go back and review, refine and resolve. It’s also a good time to forgive old grudges and arguments and to clear the air for renewal and begin again with a peaceful mind.

As Mercury changes signs from Sagittarius to Scorpio on December 11th, he joins Venus until December 20th, changing the energy of serious, focused energy to one of creativity, fun and festivity with a hint of intensity and depth a la Scorpio. Venus is particularly strong this month since she is in a parivartana yoga with Mars. This occurs when two planets are in each others signs. In this case, Venus is in Scorpio, one of the signs of Mars, and Mars is in Libra, one of the signs of Venus. This exchange of signs strengthens both planets and they act as if they are in their own signs. The houses they rule will perform better during the time of the exchange which occurs from November 29th - December 20th. For example, if you are a Capricorn rising or moon, this exchange is taking place between the 10th house of career and the 11th house of gains. This could be a very good three weeks in terms of making gains through the career. In general, this mix of Mercury, Venus, Mars and even the Sun until December 15th, makes for a passionate high energy combination that can be fun, but one has to be careful of obsessive tendencies (Scorpio) and impulsive speech that one can regret later on. Until next time... Be creative, Tracy

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