The Magic of Connection: Venus in Libra

Painting by Lucy Grossmith Saturn in Sagittarius

As of October 26th, Saturn has finally moved from the intense water sign of Scorpio into the freedom oriented fire sign of Sagittarius. However, the area of the zodiac where water signs meet fire signs is a tricky spot in astrology. It is called gandanta, meaning “knot at the end”. This is the area that Saturn is still transiting until November 25th when he finally reaches 3 degrees of Sagittarius. This can be a time where the energy feels stuck, uncertain and maybe even a little dark at times. Fortunately it is only the last three degrees of a water sign and the first three degrees of a fire sign, so the period does not last too long. If you have been having a difficult time making decisions, moving forward and feeling optimistic, the good news is that this period is coming to an end.

As you may remember Saturn went into Sagittarius this past January and stayed there until June and then retrograded back into Scorpio until October 26th. To revisit what Saturn in Sagittarius means for your sign go here to check out last December’s blog.

Venus Conjuncts Jupiter in Libra

On November 3rd, Venus the planet of beauty, nature and the arts moves in the peace loving sign of Libra. Venus is quite strong in Libra as it is a sign that she owns. So it is like an owner spending time in its own house. Here Venus has the power to do what she does best, help us make good connections, smooth out tensions and create harmony. This transit will last until November 27th, giving the house where you have Libra a nice boost. For the next three and half weeks, this area of life has the potential to expand and grow and become a source of happiness.

Since Jupiter is also in Libra, this area of life is already undergoing an expansion, but with the help of Venus, we can expect a month long welcome surge. Venus is the planet of the senses and Jupiter expands, so the conjunction allows us to connect more strongly with our senses, enjoy socializing, engage more with the arts and our own creativity.

There is a very good reason why Venus is considered the great benefic in Vedic astrology, as she rules over the senses and it is through the senses that we feel more alive and become present. Even when we sit down to meditate or simply relax and bring our awareness to our breathing we are invoking Venus. We are bringing in the sense of hearing and the feeling of the air moving in and out of our body. As before mentioned, Venus also rules over relationships, and it is through relating to others that we feel connected, a sense of belonging and community. The more supported and connected we feel the happier we are and the more we are able to expand out into our full potential.

Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Virgo

On November 2nd Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into Mar’s sign of Scorpio. This is significant since Mars is also in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury. This creates a unique situation where Mercury and Mars are in each other’s signs. In Sanskrit this is known as a parivartana or an exchange, and it has the effect of strengthening both planets. This exchange

will be going on until November 24th when Mercury will then move into the next sign of Sagittarius.

As I mentioned, this parivartana yoga between Mars and Mercury will strengthen both planets, and since Mercury represents communication and the intellect and Mars is action, this can be a highly productive time. We can expect to be able to focus the mind and move swiftly toward our goals. The two houses that Mercury and Mars reside in will be especially strong over the few weeks. For example, if you are a Virgo rising or moon in Virgo, the exchange is taking place between the 1st and 3rd houses. This can be great for writing projects, taking short trips and feeling more courage to take risks.

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