The August 21 Solar Eclipse in Leo

Painting by Jo Grundy This month we have two eclipses: a lunar eclipse on August 7 and a solar eclipse on August 21. The solar eclipse is especially important to North America, since the path of the eclipse cuts through the middle of the country, from Oregon down through Nebraska and into the Carolinas. From an astrological perspective this puts the focus on the United States and suggests that the six month period following the eclipse is going to be a significant time where issues that have been brewing will come to the surface.

Eclipses are a time when secrets can be revealed and revelations can be had. There has been a lot of secrecy in the political arena in the United States, and it is very likely that the August 21 solar eclipse will finally uncover many hidden truths. The same can be said for your personal life. If there is something that you have been keeping hidden or that someone else in your life has been concealing, it may finally come to light. There is nothing negative about this. It is all for the higher good, as holding feelings and thoughts within may be bringing you down and effecting your ability to be open and free. It is important to note, that eclipses are not necessarily negative. Often a eclipse can be a new beginning that you very much want but are afraid to act on. As an example, when a client of mine had an eclipse to her sun her business partnership ended, but she became pregnant. Although she was sad about the business ending, she was very happy about becoming pregnant as it had been something she had wanted for quite some time. So there was an ending, but also a beautiful beginning.

From the ancient Vedic perspective, eclipses temporarily obscure the light of the Sun (soul) or the Moon (mind) creating confusion, delusion and a feeling of apprehensiveness or insecurity. For this reason, eclipses are considered a good time to lay low, be introspective and find ways of cultivating surrender. It’s a time when you may be have a “knowing” that something is about to change, but are uncertain as to what that is. It is the “blindness” before the reveal. It is a time of stillness before taking action. It’s a good idea a few days before and a few days after each eclipse to take long walks, spend time in nature and participate in peaceful activities.

In other words, it is a time of transition. Transition periods in life are often times when you may feel unstable and vulnerable. Prior to the transition, the “ground” beneath your feet may have felt solid and you may have felt that you could see your path clearly. Now that you are in a transition the path is unclear and you feel uncertain. The good news is that transition periods tend to be short, and before long you will find yourself back on track and beginning anew.

Since the August solar eclipse is happening at 4 degrees of Leo, the sign of the king, leaders and authority figures, these themes now become the focus both personally and globally. During this time, you may be questioning what good leadership is, what you like and don’t about the people in your life who are in power. You may also experience an issue with a boss, your father or other authority figure that causes you to question what makes a good leader. Someone you have looked up to may fall from power, whether it be voluntary or involuntary. This eclipse cycle may give opportunities that lead you to explore your own ability to be powerful, to be an authority, to be confident and fully self-expressed. A good question to ask is, “How can I access my power and abilities and use them for the good of all?”

There are two planets involved in this eclipse. One is Mercury, the planet of the intellect and the logical mind, highlighting speech, writing, business and commerce. This could lead to difficulty in discernment and communications of all kinds due to the malefic aspect of Saturn (obstacles) and no beneficial aspects from Venus or Jupiter. In addition Mercury will be retrograde at this time! The take away here is to think things through before making any major decisions. Do your best to not act on impulse as Mars will join Mercury and the sun in Leo on August 26th making sudden decisions and misunderstandings very likely.

Saturn’s aspect to the Sun during the eclipse may cause you to experience feelings of doubt and uncertainty that have you thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn’t take that risk, be creative and fully self-expressed. The lesson here is to move ahead albeit slowly and with humility. Saturn teaches that you can have what you want through consistency, discipline and commitment even though the voices in your head are telling you other wise. The gift is that if you stay the course, one day you will wake up and the voices of doubt won’t be there anymore.

Until next time... Be creative, Tracy

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