Play it Again: Saturn Retrogrades into Scorpio

Painting by Virginia Johnson This month the big news is Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio on June 21 and staying in Scorpio until October 26. As you may remember, Saturn has been in Sagittarius since the end of January giving us a preview of what area of your life is about to go or may already be undergoing deep change. However, now that Shani (Saturn) is about to go back into Scorpio where he has been transiting from November 2014 to January 2017, it signals a 4 month period of finishing things up in the area of life that Saturn has been effecting for this time period.

For example, when Saturn enters the 4th house, there is often a change in job or even a complete new career direction. This happens due to Saturn’s gaze onto the 10th house of career that is opposite the 4th house. We may have been at a job for a long time that we are not in love with, but have been holding on to for security reasons. Then Saturn come along and either we start looking for a new job, or the job ends forcing us to finally look for a new job or choose a new career that we are more aligned with and feel passionate about. Saturn is a teacher planet, but he isn’t the easy going benevolent teacher that Jupiter represents. Saturn teaches us through challenges, obstacles and hardship. He tests us and pushes us to be stronger and more committed and determined. He has the ability to help us transform and become great perhaps more than any other planet. The question is, will we rise to the challenge?

Some times during a transit, Saturn can ask us to do things that we are very much afraid to do. We know it is the “right” thing to do, but fear keeps us stuck and we may feel paralyzed and unable to make a move. As I mentioned, Saturn transits are 2 1/2 year long so often times we don’t make the change Saturn is asking us to make until the very end of the transit. That brings us to the here and now with Saturn moving back into Scorpio and the idea that there may be something that you need to finish up before he moves into Sagittarius at the end of October.

If you don’t remember what house Saturn has been transiting in your chart and you know your Vedic rising sign and/or Moon sign, see below to find out where the finishing up is taking place for you. Aries Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 8th house, this is a time where you root out and face one or more of your fears. It is time to let go of a desire, dig deep and make changes from within. As mentioned above, you may be asked to give up support from another and rely on yourself. Your way of relating on an intimate level will come under examination and change significantly. The subject of your death and afterlife will come to the foreground. The next two and half years promises to create a change in career and or primary activity in addition to changes in your social circle. Taurus Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 7th house, the focus is on relationships. This area of life will under go a huge restructuring. If you have been single, you may now find yourself committing to one of the most serious and intense relationships of your life. If you are in a relationship, you may be asked to take more responsibility in the relationship, and rethink your idea of love and how to relate. You may begin to examine your belief system and your purpose. There could be difficulties with home and mother Gemini Rising/Moon As Saturn transits the 6th house your daily routine comes into focus. You may change jobs, focus on your health, habits, and work routine. Circumstances will arise that cause you to work hard and take responsibility for your work. You are more organized then ever. If you have employees, there may be problems here and you may have to let one or more go. An intense interest in health and healing may develop and you may even take a course of study in the subject. At the very least you may research transformational healing techniques. Your siblings may experience challenges at this time and a general slowing down of your daily movement. Cancer Rising/Moon This is an excellent time to a commit to long term creative project. You mind will be a bit more serious and focused than usual, giving you the ability to utilize your talents to produce profound results. There could be a new child coming into your life that will require hard work and responsibility. In general, this is a time when there is more responsibility around children and/or separation from children, as in a child leaving home to go out on their own. If you are in a long term committed relationship, it may come under strain at this time. It is time to commit or not. There is no middle way. If you are not in a relationship, a serious romance may develop. Leo Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 4th house your home and roots come into focus. During the next two and half years, you may renovate your home or move to a new home. You are concerned with what home means to you and where you feel at home. This is a time of setting down roots and creating and solidifying your foundation. You may take on extra responsibilities around the home. In addition, your primary activity in the world now changes. You may have a change in career direction that causes you to radically restructure how you spend your time and energy. Be careful to take rest where yo need it and attend to your health as you take on new responsibilities. Virgo Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 3rd house, you may take up a new course of study and/or develop and hone in on a skill and totally commit to it. This is a very creative time. In addition you may begin to determine what information you need to live successfully and cut away the rest. You are learning how to structure your ideas and opinions better and improve your cognitive abilities. Siblings and close friends come under pressure and you could take on responsibilities concerning one or both. There could be additional expenses at this time. Libra Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 2nd house what you value is poised to under go deep change. There will be a big focus on family, either creating your own and/or your family of origin. This is a good time financially as you put a great deal of energy into expanding your resources and transforming your relationship to money. Having security is important to you now. In addition, you may reevaluate your friends and social circles and may let go of friends that are no longer in sync with you. Scorpio Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 1st house get ready for big change. This is a time of hard work and responsibility. Career or job come under pressure, and if you have been waffling about which path to take you are certain to make a much needed decision that sets you on a new course. In addition, your relationships come into focus. If you are single, a relationship is likely and if you are in a relationship, it now comes under the gaze of Saturn which means a thorough restructuring. It is also likely that you will move during the next two and half years. Sagittarius Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 12th house it a time to retreat and take stock of your accomplishments. It is a great time to go be introspective and resolve and let go emotional and/or psychological issues. Traveling and spending time at retreats and ashrams are favored. It is also a good time to take up meditation and/or other spiritual practices that allow you to transcend the ego. In general it is time of endings, resolutions and conclusions. Capricorn Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 11th house, you now begin to cut away friends and develop a new community. It’s important that your new friendships are deep and transformative as you will not be satisfied with superficial friendships at this time. This is an ambitious time where you begin to see the financial results of the hard work you have been doing for the past two and half years as Saturn transited your 10th house. You now reevaluate your long term goals and what brings you happiness and fulfillment. At the highest level, you may desire to use your talents, skills and resources to be of service in a grander way that you have ever considered in the past. Aquarius Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 10th house, career comes into focus. You will be working hard to establish yourself in a career, as your ambitions are high. There may be some bumps in the road as Saturn transits this house, however, be certain that by the end of Saturn’s two and half year transit you will be firmly on a path and deeply committed to it. Your work responsibilities will be great at this time and you may be down right compulsive about keeping up with the work. As relationships come under pressure as well at this time, be careful not to neglect them as you tirelessly climb the mountain of achievement. Pisces Rising/Moon As Saturn transits your 9th house, your belief system is set to change. You may take up a course of study or go back to school. In any case, the deeper questions of life are on your mind. One or more teachers come into your life that shine light on your path and give you the knowledge and tools that lead to an expansion of consciousness. Travel is very likely, and you may even travel for study or spiritual purposes.

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