Strength and Stability: Mars in Taurus

painting by Lucy Grossmith This month Mercury is set to go direct on May 3. During the last three weeks while Mercury was retrograde, you may have had to go back over something that you thought was finished and then realized that no, there was in fact some tweaking to be done. As often happens with Mercury retrograde if you have been refining and perfecting during this time you will have a much better result at the end. Retrograde planets are always asking us to go back over something, take a closer look and go deeper. Mars in Taurus: April 13 - May 26

Mars, the planet of action, entered the sensual earth sign of Taurus on April 13 and will stay there until May 26. Taurus is a sign that represents security, possessions, physical pleasures and nature. Taurus is the most fixed and stable sign of zodiac, giving it a calm and steadfast energy that is excellent for growing things both in the natural world and in the material sense. The saying “slow and steady wins the race” perfectly describes Taurus.

Now that Mars the warrior planet has moved into Taurus, it is the perfect combination for growing your project or creation in a peaceful relaxed way. Although the new moon on April 26 in Aries initiated a 30 day cycle of birth and creation, and the Sun stays in Aries until May 15, Mars in Taurus helps balance the intensely fiery energy of Aries for the best chance of success. Further stabilizing Mars is the gaze of Jupiter, the Guru, from Virgo. On May 15 the Sun will join Mars in Taurus where they will work together beautifully to slow the energy down a bit more, bringing in the feelings of harmony, balance and ease. The compulsion to rush forward (Aries) slips away and you can relax and allow growth to happen naturally.

Both Mars and the Sun in Taurus signal a time of reconnecting with nature and the simpler aspects of life that evoke feelings of true happiness. It is a time when the green of the trees and flowers are coming into there fullness, we feel the warmth of the sun once again and our bodies begin to both feel energized and a call to relax and enjoy the beauty of it all.

This can manifest in the form of simply buying flowers for your home or planting an entire garden, laying in the grass, hiking, farming, enjoying the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking at home or enjoying a gourmet meal at an amazing restaurant. Taurus represents beauty, music, art, food and deep sensual love. So go ahead, let yourself indulge in the realm of the senses.

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