Dissolving Boundaries: Venus in Pisces

Drawing by Liz Kapiloto

The star of the month and the next several months is Venus. As of January 27, 2017 Venus, the planet of relationships, romantic love, creativity and beauty has moved into the mystical and idealistic water sign of Pisces. Usually Venus moves fairly quickly and transits a sign within 23 days, but every one and half years it goes retrograde causing it to stay in one sign for several months. This is the case now. Venus will turn retrograde on March 6 until April 15, 2017, causing her to stay in Pisces until May 31.

Pisces is a special sign for Venus as this is where she is exalted and therefore quite strong. This is a great combination for relationships of all kinds as it allows us to feel more compassion, love and devotion and therefore connect to each other more deeply and truly.

Venus in Pisces is also good for bringing beauty into the world in its highest form. It is a great time for creative projects all around, especially the visual arts, film, music poetry and fashion. If you are not a creative person yourself, then it is a good time to go out and partake in someone else’s beautiful creations and transcend mundane reality for a few moments, a few hours or a few days and experience joy and happiness without boundaries.

Venus’ retrograde period is a prime time for reevaluating relationships and their significance in our lives. Pisces is the sign of surrender and letting go and once Venus goes direct, we may even let go of a friend or significant other who we feel is not loving or valuing us. On the other hand, we may feel so much compassion toward another that we are able to forgive and let go of what has been keeping us separated emotionally or physically. This idea of compassion and transcending boundaries is especially important now, as the political climate in the United States and therefore around the word is becoming divisive.

As mentioned in December’s blog, as of January 26, 2017 Saturn entered Sagittarius, the sign of religion, beliefs, morals and ethics, bringing our focus to these areas. External events will in one way or another cause us to get in touch what we truly believe at the deepest level. We are at the very beginning of this long three year transit and over the next several months we have the opportunity of gaining clarity about our beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius) as well as the ability to empathize, be diplomatic and feel unconditional love for others (Venus in Pisces).

How will Venus in Pisces effect your sign?

Aries Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 12th house, you may feel like traveling, going on retreat or spending a lot of time in solitude. This is a good time for inner

reflection and meditation and enjoying nature and for donating to your favorite charity.

Taurus Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 11th house. your social life is bound to take off and you may find yourself going to parties, joining new groups and making new friends. It is even possible that you may meet a romantic partner through a friend or group gathering.

Gemini Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 10th house, your experience at work will be quite enjoyable and you may even travel for work. This is a great time to put yourself out there and network as you can now easily make gains in your career.

Cancer Rising /Moon

With Venus in your 9th house, experiences that involve travel and education will attract your attention and bring you joy. Relationships with siblings, father and teachers are also favored.

Leo Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 8th house, you may benefit financially through your partner as he/she may have more to give at this time. Relationships can be quite passionate and a bit volatile. There could be a change in job or the role you play at work.

Virgo Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 7th house, relationships are quite enjoyable. You may be feeling particularly romantic and loving right now and quite passionate. You may also feel like indulging in the senses a little more than usual, whether it be through food, the arts or music.

Libra Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 6th house, your enjoyment is coming through work and service. If you are looking for a job, you could find a good one at this time. If you are staying at the same job, it could improve now. It is also a good time to attend to your health and exercise routine.

Scorpio Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 5th house, you could be feeling romantic and playful. It is a great time to let yourself have some much needed fun and to laugh and let loose. It is also a good time to let your creativity flow.

Sagittarius Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 4th house, you may be taking enjoyment from spending time at home and may even be redecorating and beautifying your surroundings. Your relationship with your mother may improve or even flourish at this time. It’s a great time to host dinner parties and welcome other into your home.

Capricorn Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 3rd house, you may take enjoyment from going on short journeys that allow you to escape the mundane. Relationships with siblings may flourish now and writing and promotion are favored.

Aquarius Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 2nd house, finances may be on the rise. You are likely to enjoy going out to eat at fine restaurants and/or cooking at home. In any case, the focus is on enjoying your senses whether it be through food, perfumes, flowers, clothes or art.

Pisces Rising/Moon

With Venus in your 1st house, you may be feeling more compassionate and loving than usual. You may also be feeling more passionate now. It is a good time to spend time to doing what makes you feel beautiful and share your beauty with the world.

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