The Power of the Word: Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo

Drawing by Kathleen Fenton The New Moon in Virgo This month the focus is on articulate and practical Virgo. A new moon just occurred yesterday, September 30, in the sign of Virgo, the Sun and Jupiter are in Virgo and Mercury is set to enter Virgo on October 3rd. That’s a lot of Virgo!

This month’s new moon in Virgo puts us in the mind set of putting ourselves to work, becoming more aware of our health, and finding ways we can be of service. Virgo is the sign of the organizer and the discriminator, making this month a time to get grounded, simplify and purify.

In addition, this new moon occurred in the nakshatra of Hasta. The symbol for Hasta is the hand. This symbology has many meanings: it symbolizes the power to reach out or grab what we are seeking, making it a superb time to take action, be productive and make big accomplishments. It also represents skills with the hands, such as writing, hand-on-healing and artisan crafts. This makes the next month an excellent time for doing one or all of these things. Virgo is practical, so it is a time of putting our skills to use.

The deity that rules over Hasta is Savitar or Surya, the Sun. He is the “giver of life” and rules over divine words or mantras that lead to divine awareness and deep change within our world and within ourselves. The mantra associated with this nakshatra is Savitri Gayatri, a mantra from the Rig Veda that is chanted to cultivate wisdom.

In this light, Hasta highlights the power of words and how they can transform, giving us the opportunity to become more aware of our word choices both written and verbal and how they form our reality. If so inclined, it is also a good time for taking up a mantra or affirmation to aid in purifying negative thought patterns and cultivating a mind open to receive wisdom. This is further supported by the the presence of Jupiter, the planet of truth and spiritual wisdom, in Virgo with the new moon. To facilitate this, you might ask the question: “How can I open myself up to receive more spiritual wisdom?”

Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo

Mercury has been in a difficult spot for the past several weeks. Since September 9th, the ever curious planet retrograded back into Leo where he received the one two punch from both Saturn and Rahu. This certainly can lead to difficulties in saying what we want to say, feeling heard and even writer’s block. It can also cause issues with business and finances, all ruled by Mercury.

The good news is Mercury is set to move into his own sign of Virgo on October 3rd. Here he is strong in his own sign and sign of exaltation and will also be associating with the great benefit Jupiter who brings grace and expansion. In addition, Mercury will receive no negative aspects, meaning the challenging planets, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu will not have any influence on Mercury or Jupiter. They will be able to give their results unhindered. For Mercury this will last while Mercury transits Libra, which brings us to November 9th. Although Mercury is stronger in Virgo and gives his best results there. His transit of Virgo will last until October 20th.

Jupiter will be able to give his results unhindered until December 11th, at which point Mars will aspect and Saturn will soon follow on January 26, 2017. This makes the next three weeks a particularly great time for writing, learning, teaching, coaching, speaking and publishing, as Jupiter and Mercury are the planets that represent all of these areas of life. So if you have a program or site ready to launch, this is the time to do it.

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