Taking the Creative Leap: The September Eclipses

Painting by Lisa Stevens New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

This month we have two eclipses: a new moon solar eclipse which just happened yesterday, September 1st, in the majestic sign of Leo and and a full moon lunar eclipse on September 16th in idealistic and intuitive Pisces (Sidereal Zodiac).

Eclipses temporarily obscure the light of the Sun (soul) or the Moon (mind) creating confusion, delusion and a feeling of apprehensiveness or insecurity. For this reason, eclipses are considered a good time to lay low, be introspective and find ways of cultivating surrender. It’s a time when you may be have a “knowing” that something is about to change, but are uncertain as to what that is. It is the “blindness” before the reveal. It is a time of stillness before taking action. It’s a good idea a few days before and a few days after each eclipse to take long walks, spend time in nature and participate in peaceful activities.

Eclipses are also a time when secrets can be revealed and revelations can be had. Since yesterday’s eclipse happened in the sign of Leo, the sign of leadership and authority, we can expect these themes to play out in a big way over the next six months. We see this happening on the world stage through Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. During this time, we will be questioning what good leadership is, what we like and don’t about the people currently in power or coming into power. We will also be questioning authority figures and leaders in our own private worlds. We may experience an issue with a boss, father or other authority figure. Someone we have looked up to may have a fall from power, whether it be voluntary or involuntary. This eclipse cycle may give opportunities that lead us to explore our own ability to be powerful, to be an authority, be confident and fully self-expressed. The question to ask is, “How can I open up to my creative power?”

Saturn’s aspect to the Sun and Moon during the first eclipse may cause us to doubt ourselves and think of all the reasons why we shouldn’t take that risk, be creative and fully self-expressed. However, the Sun is strong in his own sign of Leo, so there is the possibility of breaking through these fears. Saturn teaches us that we can have what we want through consistency, discipline and commitment. Maybe another question to ask is “How can I deepen my commitment and become more disciplined?”

Full Moon Eclipse September 16

The Second eclipse as I mentioned, takes place at 1 degree Pisces, in the nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada. Pisces is a water sign and last sign of the zodiac. It has to with themes of surrender, letting and endings. There may be something we are ready to let go of or that is being “taken” from us. If it is the latter, it may that we are ready for the clearing, but not able to clear it ourselves. In this way, the divine does it for us, creating the space for us to create something anew. The nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada is symbolized by the funeral cot and its shakti is the power of spiritual fire which elevates consciousness. This can be a time of increased intuition, spiritual connection and intense transformation, leadings us to deeper understandings of eternal truths and the mysteries of life. Although this can be a challenging time, the aspect of Venus and Jupiter onto the Moon during this eclipse is highly supportive and suggests that ultimately it will be a time of awakenings, enormous growth and expansion.

Mars Moves into Sagittarius

As you may remember, Mars has been transiting Scorpio with Saturn for the past six months and they finally came into an exact conjunction on August 24th. This combination has been creating violence and chaos throughout the world and for many people on a personal level as well. The good news is, Mars is now moving away from Saturn and will leave Scorpio and move into Sagittarius on September 17th. If you have planets or your rising sign in Scorpio or Taurus you have been especially effected by this transit. This shift will release a lot of fear, tension and frustration that may have slowed you down or even stopped you in some area of your life. Mars in Sagittarius bodes well for being able to take action and move forward rapidly on a cherished project or goal.

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