Exponential Growth: New Moon in Taurus

Painting by Lucy Grossmith

The New Moon in Taurus (Sidereal Zodiac)

This month the New Moon is taking place on June 4th at 20 degrees Taurus where the Moon is in her strongest sign and exalted. Taurus is and earth sign that represents material life inclusive of wealth, beauty, dance and the arts. As a fixed earth sign, it is one of the most stable signs of the zodiac, creating the space for you to cultivate what you initiated in the last new moon cycle of Aries. In nature, this is the period after the new plant has burst through the ground, grown a bit and is becoming stable and strong. In your life, it is the time to tend to your creation, give it love and watch it grow.

During this New Moon, Venus will also be in Taurus where she is strong in her own sign. Her presence will open the way during this cycle for even more love, prosperity and sensuality. Mars and Saturn will be looking at the the Sun, Moon and Venus trio from their placement in Scorpio. Mars will add more heat and passion to this cycle, while Saturn will keep it real.

In addition, this part of Taurus falls in the nakshatra of Rohini, a constellation ruled by Prajapati, the creator, giving it the shakti or power of growth. This is a highly fertile and creative nakshatra that has everything to do with enjoying life through the five senses, whether it be good food, taking walks in nature, gardening, love making or going to a concert. This is the time to open yourself up to life, engage with life and remember that you have a body. Try a new restaurant, see a show, go dancing, sing to your cat, lay on the grass and gaze up at the trees or get a massage. They key is to enjoy, love and live.

Mars Retrogrades Back into Libra and Goes Direct

If there is an area of your life where you are feeling stuck, Mars may be able to help you. As you may remember from last month’s article, Mars, the planet of action, has been retrograde since April 16, 2016, which can create a feeling of being stuck or blocked in terms of moving forward on a physical level.

Retrograde periods are an important part of the cycle of evolvement, and at there best may inspire you to traverse your inner landscape and make important spiritual progress by shedding unneeded karmic patterns.

This time of going internal and reevaluating your ambitions is coming to an end, and the time for moving forward on a physical level is fast approaching as Mars will go direct on June 30, 2016. This is the time to to go full steam ahead and take action on a goal and maybe even more importantly, enjoy every moment of the process.

As high energy Mars continues to be in retrograde motion or to seemingly move backwards he will, for a short time, glide into the charming sign of Libra. This will take place on June 17, 2016. While in diplomatic Libra, Mars will no longer be with hanging with Saturn, who still resides in the intense emotional and transformative sign of Scorpio.

This temporary separation of Mars and Saturn will provide some relief to an area of your life where you have been under pressure. This respite can give you the break you need to once again take on and resolve a difficult situation whether it be external or internal. How long is the Mars/Saturn vacation? Not so long. Once Mars goes direct, it will quickly makes its way back into Scorpio on July 12, 2016. So that’s a little over three weeks. It’s short, but we’ll take it.

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