Love Renewed: Venus Exalted in Pisces

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!' - Robin Williams

After the intensity of the eclipses in March, April promises to be a much more gentle and fun loving month. First off, Venus, the planet of relationships, romantic love, creativity and beauty is exalted (performs at her best) in the mystical and idealistic water sign of Pisces until April 25. This is a great combination for relationships of all kinds as it allows us to feel more compassion, love and devotion and therefore connect to each other more deeply and truly. (This combination is seen a lot in the charts of saints such as Mother Teresa). Venus in Pisces is also good for bringing beauty into the world in its highest form. It is a great time for creative projects all around, especially the visual arts, film, music poetry and fashion. If you are not a creative person yourself, then it is a good time to go out and partake in someone else’s beautiful creations and transcend mundane reality for a few moments, a few hours or a few days and experience joy and happiness without boundaries. On April 14, although Venus will still be in Pisces, she will change nakshatras (lunar mansions) and go into the star of Revati. The shakti or power of Revati is the ability to nourish. Revati is associated with travel, food, nourishment, hospitality of all kinds as well as the love and care of animals. So from April 14-25 is a great time to host dinner parties, take in friends or family ( or maybe even a stranger) who may be traveling, or go traveling yourself and be the receiver of someone else’s hospitality. You may also find that the opportunity to assist or take care of an animal may happen at this time.

New Moon in Pisces

The new moon in Pisces will also take place in the nakshatra of Revati. Even though Venus will not be in Revati for the new moon, she will already be in Pisces and will infuse this lunar cycle with love, creativity and spirituality. This is the last nakshatra of zodiac and has to do with surrender and transcendence. It is a place where there are no boundaries and no separation, where everything is spirit and in a state of wholeness. A good way to work with the energy of Revati, is to to heal and release what is unloved within you and help break down any barriers that you have created when it comes to love. You can start by asking yourself questions such as “What can I let go of in myself that will allow me to flow with what is, to surrender to what is? How can I be more receptive to the love of others? How can I love myself and others more?

Sun in Aries

Following the surrender energy of the new moon in Pisces, we make a big shift on April 14 as the Sun joins Mercury in the fiery high energy and independent sign of Aries. Here the Sun, the significator for self, is exalted. For it is in Aries that the Sun can initiate, shine brightly and the sense of self can fully express. This makes the second half of April and the first half of May an excellent time for new beginnings and taking action on a dream project that you have been thinking about doing for awhile. The energy of spring is all around us. New life is bursting into being every where we look. Take advantage of this amazing season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and go for it!

With love,


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