Rahu and Ketu Change Signs: What Does this Mean for You?

"Great love and great achievements require great risk." ~~ Anonymous

Rahu and Ketu are changing signs on January 9, 2016. Rahu is moving into the sign of Leo and Ketu is moving into the sign of Aquarius. This is significant since they only change signs every 18 months. But before I discuss what this all means, let me answer the question: What are Rahu and Ketu? Rahu and Ketu are the north and south nodes of the Moon. They are the two points where the Moon’s path intersects the ecliptic and, therefore, where solar and lunar eclipses occur. They are considered quite powerful in Vedic astrology, as they are capable of temporarily obscuring the light of the Sun and the Moon.

The Myth of Rahu and Ketu There is a myth associated with Rahu and Ketu that sheds light on how they function. In the myth, Lord Vishnu presides over a gathering of both gods and demons during which the oceans are churned, and as the result of the churning, Amrit (nectar) is produced. The Amrit has the power to give immortality, and Lord Vishnu takes pains to ensure that only gods, or devas, are given this nectar. However, as the story goes, a serpent demon named Swarbhanu manages to outsmart Lord Vishnu by disguising himself, infiltrating the ranks of the devas, and drinking the Amrit for himself. At that moment, however, Swarbhanu’s identity is detected by the Sun and Moon, who alert Lord Vishnu and ask that he kill Swarbhanu. However, just as Lord Vishnu cuts the head off Swarbhanu, Swarbhanu drinks the Amrit immortalizing him into two halves, the head, known as Rahu and the body, known as Ketu. Traditionally, as the head with no body, Rahu is considered insatiable; the apex of intense material desire. He can be clever, manipulative and shallow and yet he can be ground breaking and forward looking. Thus, where we have Rahu in our horoscope natally and by transit, we may feel intense desire and pour enormous amounts of energy. A well-placed and positively influenced Rahu can bring great blessings to a chart, while a poorly placed Rahu can bring many problems. Ketu on the other hand is considered to be deep and spiritual. Ketu has no head so he cannot see. Therefore he represents transcendence of the mind and senses and signifies intuition and instinct. He is a planet of detachment. The house that he resides in both natally and by transit is an area of life where we are cultivating letting go.

Rahu in Leo

As was mentioned in last month’s blog, Rahu’s move into the sign of Leo puts the focus on leadership, power and authority. As a collective we may question what a leader is as we feel the desire for a different kind of leadership, something innovative and progressive. The old ways of ruling will no longer work for us both on the mundane level as in presidents, prime ministers and kings, but also in our own lives. Leaders of corporations, small businesses, families and social groups will under go a huge transformation now. We may even see several important leaders topple during this time.

At it’s highest, Leo is the self-actualized leader who has the courage to be seen, to be vulnerable and allow’s herself to utilize all of her talents and skills in the service of the community and not to satisfy her own ego.

Leo is also the sign of individual creative self-expression, opening the door to big changes in how we create. We may see some break throughs in creative technology, what being creative means as well as a revolution in writing, film, music and art. So if you have any planets in Leo, especially the sun, moon or ascendent this is your year for breakthroughs!

Ketu in Aquarius

Since Ketu is always opposite Rahu, he will be in Aquarius, the sign of groups, community and the masses. There is likely to be the establishment of new political, humanitarian and spiritual groups that challenge the status quo. Ketu in Aquarius creates a high level of connectedness among followers who act blindly for a cause. We can expect technological breakthroughs that are unconventional and alternative, like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Mercury and Jupiter Go Retrograde

In the midst of Rahu changing signs, Jupiter is also going stationary retrograde on January 7th and the two planet will come together to form a conjunction. They will be in the same sign until August making this combination quite potent. On top of that, Mercury went retrograde on January 6th. This will last for three weeks. Mercury and Jupiter are both indicators for education. Jupiter is also about growth. Retrograde periods are always a good time to internalize the energy of that planet. With Mercury and Jupiter retrograde any writing projects, teaching projects or education projects are best reviewed and honed. It isn’t the best time to start something new. Stay with the projects you have already started and make them great. Go deep with them. Integrate what you have learned over the past several months. Let the growth happen on the inside. Get real about your beliefs and your purpose and maybe ask the question, “Am I living according to my beliefs?”

Jupiter Conjuncts Rahu

When Jupiter and Rahu come together, this is known as Guru Chandala Yoga. Traditionally it is said to be the creator of heretics and outcastes. In extreme cases when found in a natal chart, a person can reject the the religion or belief system of her family. In more modern terms, it may cause someone to have unconventional beliefs and philosophies.

In the case of Jupiter and Rahu coming together in Leo, Jupiter, the benefit here, has the upper hand. Jupiter likes being in Leo, the sign of the king, as he is friends with the Sun, the ruler of Leo. So for the most part, we can expect this conjunction to be more positive then negative. Jupiter has the strength to guide Rahu, resulting in eccentric, progressive expansion that has a positive result. The area of life where this is occurring for you will determined by the house they are transiting.

Look below to find out what area of life Rahu and Ketu are revolutionizing for you.

Rahu/Ketu for all twelve Rashis: read both Lagna (rising sign) and Chandra Lagna (Moon sign)


Rahul is in your 5th house. This is a year where you may experience an abundance of creativity either through the arts or in the form of a child. Your mind is extremely active and may at times feel like it is working over time. It would be wise to put this toward learning something new. You also just want to have fun and may seek out romance and entertainment such as, sport, games and the theater. In general, you are more focused on your creative self-expression and less interest in group dynamics.


Rahu is in your 4th house. The focus is on home, cars and large fixed assets. Stability is the keyword for you and you may be looking to put down roots to bring a feeling of peace. This could manifest as a new home or renovating your home. Your mother may come into your life more or issues of mothering and nurturing may arise. You may also feel dissatisfied with your career and want to make a change there.


Rahu is in your 3rd house. Learning and travel are the focus. You may super busy and find yourself over booking your time, making many short journeys, reading 5 books at a time or signing up for several classes, one of which might be a writing class. This also brings changes to relationships with siblings and father.


Rahu is on your 2nd house. Your bank account is likely to expand this year as you income increases. You may also find yourself accumulating more clothes, jewelry, etc. as well as taking more of interest in cooking and food. Just be careful not to over do it with food and drink as Rahu has a big appetite. Since this is the house of family, there is a big focus there and turmoil is possible. Be mindful of your speech patterns as Rahu may compel you to say things you later regret.


Rahu is in your 1st house. The focus is on you and your own transformation. You may completely change the way you look, as well as get in touch who you truly are. The focus is on creative self-expression and leadership. If you are in a position of leadership or would like to be, this is your time to step up and awaken that part of you. To own it. However Rahu wants power, so be mindful of using your power to serve others and not the ego. This is an easy trap to fall into with this transit. In any case, this is your time to shine and expand.


Rahu is in your 12th house. Long distance journeys are likely as are journeys into the spiritual realms. Escaping mundane reality and connecting to the divine is a big theme now. You are less interested in daily routines and work. You may have a strong desire to create a sanctuary where you can retreat to.


Rahu is in your 11th house. Your This is a time of big gains, awards and recognition. You are more ambitious than usual and are likely to spend more time networking. Your social circle expands as your desire to be part

of a community grows. There is the potential for an increase in income from career.


Rahu is in your 10th house. Expect to see a shift in your status and career. This is an excellent time for recognition or a promotion if you have been working towards an advancement in your career. The recognition you receive will leave you feeling confidant and optimistic and give you a strong sense of purpose in worldly affairs. This is a time when practical matters, finances and relationships with parents seem to flow and bring happiness, so enjoy Jupiter's blessings throughout the year.


Rahu isn your 9th house. Expect to see a shift in your philosophy and teachings. This could manifest in taking a new class, getting a certification, going on a trip or going back to school. It is also possible that you may find yourself taking on the role of teacher yourself either formally or informally. In any case education, travel and philosophy bring you great joy and expansion now. In addition, this a good time for writing, advertising and promotion.


Rahu is in your 8th house. Expect to see a shift in your values. You may experience a shift from the material to the spiritual as you surrender desires and let go of the idea that anything external will bring you happiness. This is a great time to do research and learn about the hidden realms, whether it be astrology, psychology, physics, astronomy or healing. You may even meet an important teacher at this time. You may also see an expansion of your unearned income via inheritance, insurance or the lottery. This is also a good time to succeed in obtaining loans or grants.


Rahu is in your 7th house. Expect to see a shift in relationships and how you relate to others. If you are single, a relationship may manifest now and if you are in a relationship it is likely to improve and expand in unusual ways. People from foreign countries and different philosophical backgrounds may enter you world. You may even get married now. It is a time for developing new skills and expanding your social circle. If you have your own business, this is a time of exponential growth in your business as well. You could also be doing business with more foreigners.


Rahu isn in your 6th house. Expect to see a shift in work life, health and daily routines. Your work environment will be pleasant as problems with others seem to smooth out now and there is a general flow to your schedule. You may be inspired to change and strengthen your health through a new diet or fitness routine. Keep your expectations simple and goals reachable. Heed the call to donate your time to your favorite charity as this is a wonderful time to work on behalf of others who are in need. Long distance travels and spiritual progress are in the forecast now through August of 2016. So go ahead and plan your trip now whether it be traveling externally or internally.

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