A Time of Sorting, Organizing and Purifying

How did last month play out for you? Did you see themes of leadership, power and creative self-expression emerge as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus all impacted the sign of Leo either by transit or aspect? Was your confidence challenged? Did you get a glimpse of the hero within?

A Shift from Leo to Virgo

While there is still the combined Saturn Jupiter influence on the sign of Leo happening, Mars and Venus have moved on. They have now joined Rahu in the sign of Virgo. So although there is still the theme of Leo in the background, the energy of Virgo is calling our attention for the remainder of this month and a good part of December as well. To be more exact, Venus will be in Virgo until November 29th and Mars will be in Virgo until December 23rd.

A Closer Look at Virgo

Virgo is an earth sign, so there is a practicality to Virgo. It is one of the three Artha (material wealth) signs, along with Capricorn and Taurus. In the case of Virgo, this wealth comes through work and service. It’s symbol is a young maiden. This symbolizes the pure and humble side of Virgo. It is a sign that is gifted with critical thinking, the ability to organize, analyze, and pay attention to detail.

As we move away from the inspiring bigness of Leo, it is a good time to bring our attention to the details, and see what works and what doesn’t. It is a time to get practical, focused and organized.


The combination of Mars and Rahu is an explosive combination, and while it can be good for creating a lot of energy that can be positively channeled into work or sports, it can also be destructive.

To see how this is playing out for you, find the house with the sign of Virgo in your chart. This is where you are likely to channel a concentrated amount of energy and/or experience some turbulance. Personally, for me, Mars, Rahu and Venus are transiting my 9th house. I have seen both the positive and negative results of this energy. On the negative side, the 9th house rules the thighs and hip area of the body, and during this time I have had difficulty with the psoas muscle that resides there. On the positive side, I am doing a lot of traveling during this time, another signification of the 9th house.

Mars, Venus and Rahu in Virgo

Mars as a fiery warrior energy combined with Venus the goddess of love and relationships makes for a passionate combination. When we add Rahu into the mix, this chaotic passionate energy becomes exaggerated. Rahu is a planet that amplifies and expands. In addition, he can create delusion and confusion.

In short, this can be a tumultuous time for relationships. We may not see them clearly or may become highly reactive. The Virgo energy here can go one of two ways: it can lead to overly analyzing a situation, and being critical or it can lead to purification and expertise.

However, there is opportunity for overcoming relationship difficulties as Venus and Mercury are creating a parivartana yoga (exchanging signs), and this strengthens both of them, opening up the possibility for communication and peace.

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