Pope Francis and What Makes a Good Leader?

Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Leo

As of October 1st, Venus moves into confident and brave Leo where she joins Mars and Jupiter. who are also in Leo. So similar to last month’s blog, the emphasis is still on the sign of Leo. In light of this, it might be a good time to look more closely at the sign of Leo as this energy will have an impact on all of us, and it will have even more relevance if you have the Sun, Moon or rising sign in Leo.

As the month progresses, although you may feel a desire to expand (Jupiter), to have fun (Venus), and to take charge (Mars), Saturn’s glance at these three planets from his position in Scorpio may create some obstacles, setbacks and delays. All the above will happen, although it may happen slowly. However, slow can be good. Sometimes when things come too easily we take them for granted. When we work hard to achieve something, we treasure the results much more. With the Saturn aspect to Venus this month, be aware of valuing and respecting yourself; with Saturn’s glance to Mars, take on big projects, work hard and due diligence. With Saturn’s glance to Jupiter, remember that slow expansion allows for a solid foundation and remember to keep the faith. Now to the sign of Leo…

The Sign of Leo

Leo is a masculine fire sign ruled by the Sun. It is a highly creative sign that has to do with creative self-expression, leadership, self-respect, independence, greatness, generosity and inspiration. It is what is known as a dharma sign. There are three dharma signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These are the signs of taking positive action in the world and doing something that makes a difference. For Leo, the action is around being a good leader. However, as with all the twelve constellations, Leo does have a shadow side. The evolved Leo energy is about being a leader that serves the people, who protects and provides. One who is responsible and unchanging. In contrast, a devolved Leo is about leading only to serve one’s own ego and the desire to be noticed, admired and feel powerful. We are currently seeing the two sides of Leo play out within the political arena as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders take center stage.

This leadership theme is also playing out in the spiritual world. With the recent visit by the Pope to the United States, we had the opportunity to see a good leader in action. This raises the question: What makes a great leader? Here are a few qualities of note: Leading by example, listening to the people, good communication skills, having patience, embracing risk, being flexible yet steady and remaining fearless in the face of change.

This month, I thought it might be fun to look at Pope Francis’s Vedic chart and see how his ability to lead shows up in his chart.

Gemini: The Great Communicator

To start with, his rising sign is Gemini, the sign of communication. This already begins to paint the picture of a good communicator. Gemini is known for having a good sense of humor and a quick wit. Laughter is always a great way to open the heart and stay vital and youthful. Gemini is also a sign that creates a desire to learn and teach and is forever curious. We see all of these qualities in the Pope. In addition, Gemini is also a mutable sign which gives him the ability to be flexible. A good leader must be able to adjust to change and go with the flow.

Further strengthening his communication and mercurial qualities, is the location of his chart ruler. The ruler of the chart is the ruler of the first house or the rising sign. In Pope Francis’s case it is Mercury the ruler of Gemini. Mercury is located in the 7th house, of other people and the public, and is in the sign of Sagittarius. Right away this tells us, that his life will involve others in a big way. This is further emphasized by the addition of Sun, Rahu and Jupiter with Mercury in the 7th house.

Sagittarius: The Pursuit of Truth

As I mentioned, the Sun, Jupiter, Rahu and Mercury are all in Sagittarius, a sign of truth, knowledge, freedom and abundance. This gives the Pope an ability to see the big picture, be philosophically minded, and increasingly expand his consciousness. Like Leo, it is a dharma sign, giving the Pope a strong sense of purpose and desire to good in the world.

Raj Yogas

There are several raj yogas being created in the 7th house. One of which is a Hamsa Yoga (Jupiter in the 7th house in his own sign of Sagittarius). This is considered a yoga that creates great people, and bestows on the native an inner knowing, great wisdom, the ability to advise and teach at a high level. All of which are true to the highest extent in Pope Francis.

Rahu/Ketu: The Outsiders, The Innovators

Jupiter is the strongest planet in the seventh house. He rules the house, so he controls the other three planets.This is important because Rahu can be a trouble maker and a renegade. However, because Jupiter is strong, he is able to keep Rahu’s wild energy under control and allows Pope Francis to use the innovative and fearless nature of Rahu for good.

The archetype of the outsider and the outcaste is a big theme in the Pope’s chart. Both Rahu and Ketu are outsiders. They represent foreigners, outcastes and misfits, and with Rahu in the 7th he has dedicated his life to reaching out to people from many different cultures, races and castes. He does not differentiate. With Ketu in the first house, he probably came into the world feeling like an outsider himself and therefore can easily relate to and appreciate “the outsider”. This theme is repeated many times in the Pope’s chart. Not only are Rahu and Ketu on the 1/7 axis, but the chart ruler (lagna lord) Mercury and the Sun, another significator for self, are with Rahu in the 7th.

What’s outstanding here is, with the strong Jupiter, the multiple raj yogas and the strong Saturn in the 9th, Pope Francis has utilized his ability to break boundaries and be progressive in a positive and inspiring way.

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