Get Ready: Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are in Leo

This month we have a full on party in the sign of Leo (leadership, romance and creativity), and it is gaining momentum as more and more planets enter the sign over the next month. The emphasis on the sign of Leo began several month’s ago, in November 2014, when Saturn entered Scorpio, and by his 10th house aspect began aspecting Leo. What you may have noticed during this time, in the area of life where Leo is in your chart, is that you are working really hard and making little progress. Saturn is a planet that wants us to work hard, be responsible, make commitments and work harder still. His lessons of patience and tenacity can certainly test our level of commitment to any given area, whether it be a career, relationship, creative project or spiritual practice. However, the great thing about Saturn is that the more we hang in there and stay the course the more he will give us later on, at the end of his transit. The other awesome thing about Saturn is that what ever we build or create during a Saturn transit will last for a very long time.

However, one planet is not a party and especially when that planet is Saturn. So when did the party start? Well, it began with Venus entering Leo on July 5, 2015 followed quickly by Jupiter on July 14. Jupiter will act different in every chart, but in general it is a highly beneficial energy that is very different from Saturn and in some ways a polar opposite. Whereas Saturn is about building strength through pressure and frustration, and cutting away all that is unnecessarily, Jupiter is about truth and abundance. He teaches us through travel, wisdom and knowledge with the aim of expanding our consciousness. So when the very different energies of Saturn and Jupiter converge on a house, magic begins to happen in that area of life. It is a powerful combination that often leads to positive manifestations. You may have already begun to notice a shift in the last couple of weeks. Maybe a person came into your life who is offering you good advice and shedding light on your path, or you may have taken up a new course of study or began reading a new book that you find inspiring and uplifting. In any case, the tide is beginning to turn, even though it may feel slow. A good way to visualize this shift is the turning of the pages of a book. The turning of each page revealing another truth and layer of the story that will complete itself by the end of the Saturn transit in Scorpio in October 2017.

Venus’ addition to the mix adds joy through the five senses. You may find yourself feeling more social, tuned into beauty, nature or the arts. The Venus retrograde period from July 25-September 6 is about refining your relationships, your aesthetics and your values. Jupiter’s conjunction with Venus this month will certainly create many opportunities to enjoy the physical pleasures of life, although we can’t forget that Saturn is still aspecting both Jupiter and Venus creating some restraint and helping to prevent over indulgence.

The party really gets rockin’ when Mercury enters Leo on August 4-August 23 and the Sun enters Leo on August 17, although Venus as of August14 will have retrograded back into Cancer. So for a few days from August 4-August 14 Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will be influencing the sign of Leo. This is a tremendous about of energy in one spot. Mercury like Venus is a worldly planet and loves to enjoy life. So if you have planets in Leo or are a Leo rising you can expect to feel inspired, outward looking and ready to engage in life. Mercury and Jupiter are also planets of education and learning, so the desire to gain knowledge or give knowledge expands.

Overall, the themes of power, authority, confidence and courage are spotlighted for the next several months. It is a great time to focus on where you shine in life, where you have the ability to lead and inspire others. It is a time of awakening the king within and stepping into your greatness.

Stay strong,


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