Astrological Happenings June 2015


As June begins, we still have Mercury, the planet of communication severely compromised. He is retrograde until June 11th, creating misunderstandings, scheduling issues, and confusion.

In addition, Saturn is still aspecting Mercury, making it difficult to speak freely and truthfully and come to a decision. This is compounded by Mars, who is associating with Mercury in Taurus until he moves into Gemini on June 16th. Mars wants to speed up the decision making process and get things moving and Saturn wants to delay until certain. Mercury has no agenda of his own and is easily influenced by the planets he associates with. In this case it is Sun, Mars and Saturn. However, as I mentioned before, all this begins to shift on June 16th when Mars moves into Gemini and the Sun moves into Gemini on June 15th. The Saturn aspect on Mercury will remain until July 5th.

In the means time since the Sun, Mercury and Mars sit in the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus, we can look to Venus for guidance as to how to best handle the feelings of low self-esteem created by Saturn’s aspect on the Sun; the feelings of frustration created by Saturn’s aspect to Mars; and the feelings of blocked communication created by Saturn’s aspect to Mercury.

Venus as of May 30th until July 5th is now in the security oriented and nurturing sign of Cancer. As Venus transits the watery sign of Cancer, she is associating or conjunct with Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and grace. As a result, we can say that the way out of the Mercury, Mars and Saturn confusion is to nurture ourselves, engage in artistic expression and enjoy life (Venus) along with finding security within ourselves (Cancer). We may also find the influence of Jupiter on Venus offers us the opportunity to elevate ourselves through teachings and reawaken our divine nature. If we dig a little deeper and look at the nakshatra that Venus falls in we gain even more information. Until June 13th, Venus sits in the nakshatra of Pushya, meaning the nourisher. The shakti or power of this nakshatra is to create spiritual energy and the deity is Brihaspati, the guru to the gods. Thus, through devotion, and the use of our higher mind, we are able to promote growth and expansion of the heart and side step the afflicted lower mind, Mercury.

This strategy will come in handy when Sun and Mars move into Gemini on the 15th and 16th. Although the Sun/Mars conjunction will be good for courage, seeking, traveling, moving quickly and the pursuit of learning, the Sun will be combusting Mars. Combustion happens when a planet gets so close to the Sun, that it is “burned up”. From the earth’s perspective we cannot see the planet and it looks completely washed out. In this case the Sun’s powerful rays are absorbing the energy of Mars. Any time a planet is combust there is the opportunity to purify that energy in our lives. In this case it is anger and selfish desires.

Stay tuned for next month’s blog on the meaning of Jupiter’s transit in Leo for all twelve signs.

Big Hugs, Tracy

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