Astrological Happenings May 2015

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This month we have Venus the planet of love, art and beauty in the fun-loving and communication oriented sign of Gemini. This combination puts the focus on finding enjoyment through the sharing of creative ideas, the learning of new things and being more social. In addition, Mercury, the trickster is in the stable and productive earth sign of Taurus. Here Mercury is grounded and able to be determined, practical and manifest more easily. To amp up this creative and productive combination further, Venus and Mercury are exchanging signs. Venus is in Mercury’s sign and Mercury is in Venus' sign. This is known in Sanskrit as a Parivartana and it elevates both planets so they act as if they are in their own signs.

To add fuel to this dynamic combination, Mars joins Mercury in Taurus on May 3rd, providing energy, determination and good analytical skills. When Mars and Mercury get together we communicate more, and sometimes a lot more as in we can’t stop talking or writing. This can be good if you need to write and talk, but it can also lead to a highly charged communication style that can become argumentative. But that is not all that is going on here. To add more excitement to the mix, Saturn in Scorpio is aspecting both Mercury and Mars. So while Mars is accelerating Mercury’s energy, Saturn is slowing it down and this can create communication blocks. This back and forth can get a bit confusing and lead to frustration.

On the positive side, as I mentioned above, Mercury and Mars together in Taurus with the addition of Venus due to the exchange can be very creative and productive, and Saturn can also help in that he slows us down so we have the ability to concentrate and think deeply about what we are saying. Saturn’s aspect on Mercury can also give us the ability to cut away excess in the way we communicate, making it an excellent time for rewriting and editing. In keeping with the theme of reviewing our ideas and communications, Mercury will be retrograde from May 18-June 11. Although Mercury retrograde is traditionally not a good time to start new projects or make new agreements, it is an excellent time to go back and rework, refine and resolve.

Since we have Saturn in Scorpio aspecting Mars and Mercury in Taurus all month long, I thought it would be especially relevant to share some remedies for these configurations. These remedies will help make it easier for us to communicate and feel heard as well as focus our intellects toward productive projects. Yoga asanas or poses are always a great remedy. Mercury corresponds with the 5th chakra or throat chakra known in Sanskrit as Vishuddha Chakra. This chakra is associated with our ability to speak truthfully and be heard. When Saturn aspects Mercury it indicates we have difficulty communicating or feeling heard. We may even become mute due to the fear of being rejected for our ideas. Two good poses that open up the throat chakra are Fish pose (Matsyasana) and Camel Pose (Ustrasana).

Saturn’s aspect on Mars this month is great for taking on big projects, working hard and getting things done. On the negative side, as I mentioned above, we can feel that we are not making progress as quickly as we would like and become frustrated. Mars correlates with the 3rd chakra called Manipura Chakra and has to do with ability to be courageous and take action. When Saturn aspects Mars we can feel like we lack courage at times or are unable to move forward. Two poses for strengthening the 3rd chakra are Warrior Pose I, Virabhadrasana I and Warrior Pose II, Virabhadrasana II. Above all laugh (Mercury), keep moving (Mars) and be good to yourself (Venus).

Cheers, Tracy

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