Lululemon and Rahu


Lululemon is a mega successful company that sells expensive women’s athletic clothing. A brand known for its innovative design, Lululemon has clearly tapped into a gold mine of spiritual consumerism. What's fascinating, is that the company's logo is an ancient astrological symbol that depicts the illusory world of materialism. This symbol is known as Rahu or the north node of the Moon.In Vedic Mythology, the story goes that when the planetary gods gathered to be immortalized by drinking the nectar of the Gods, a demon in disguise managed to go unnoticed and snuck into the party. Going unnoticed by the gods, he managed to drink some of the nectar. However, once the undeserving demon was discovered, Lord Vishnu cut the serpent’s head off with his disc. From that day on the head of the serpent was called Rahu, and the body was called Ketu.Rahu at its core, represents desire for material success in any form. As the severed head of a serpent, he is essentially a mouth that eats but cannot digest what he takes in. He is forever insatiable and cannot be satisfied.When Rahu used trickery to get the immortal nectar, he separated himself from his spiritual nature, Ketu.Lululemon’s decision to use the powerful symbol of Rahu as their logo may have been a brilliant move for a company in a competitive field, but success is rarely the whole story and especially not in this myth.I started to wonder about the man behind the symbol, and decided to research his birth data and information about the company. What I discovered is fascinating. Numerous articles appeared online involving sexist and racist remarks made by Chip Wilson, the founder and CEO of Lululemon. This is not surprising since Rahu is an indicator of scandals and the taboo. Chip Wilson was even quoted saying he supports child labor in developing countries.Wilson’s controversial remarks regarding the support of child labor, not wanting to sell clothes to large bodied women and the Asian community’s inability to pronounce the company name, have brought the company's ethics under scrutiny and people are questioning his intentions.Although the Wilson’s birth time is unknown, he was born on March 3, 1956 in Vancouver, British Columbia. In cases like this Vedic astrologers will often look to the Moon in one's natal chart for answers. Wilson's Moon is debilitated (weak) in the sign of Scorpio conjunct Saturn by less than 2.5 degrees and Rahu is also conjunct by only 10 degrees of separation, as one might suspect. When Rahu conjuncts the Moon it can exaggerate the mind and disturb matters that the Moon rules over. The Moon being the energy that is reflective and nurturing is challengingly placed in the sign of Scorpio especially when conjunct Saturn. From the Moon/Saturn conjunction, we can assume he isn't nurturing and has a tendency to be cruel especially towards women.

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In light of the bad press, Wilson stepped down as chairman of the board in December of 2013. At this time Saturn was transiting the sign of Libra, a sign known for diplomacy and tact. Saturn was also twelve signs away from his Moon sign, marking the beginning of a difficult period called Sade Sati, a seven year period when Saturn transits the sign before his Moon, the sign of his Moon and the sign after his Moon. Saturn is the planet that gives us our deepest lessons in life and is known to be difficult and bring our actions to justice. Currently, transiting Saturn is exactly on his natal Moon, activating his 9th house, the house of dharma, or righteous behavior. Wilson now has an opportunity to evolve his consciousness, but this cannot be done without passing through the rings of Saturn.

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