Perseverance, Passion and Play: Astrological Happenings for February 2015

By Tracy Atkinson

For the first half of the month of February the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn are the stars of the show. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and as I write this blog, Mercury (the trickster) is transiting Capricorn retrograde. That is, it looks like it is moving backwards from the earth’s perspective. Mercury will turn direct on February 11th, but remain in Capricorn until March 8th. Capricorn is a comfortable place for Mercury. The practical earth sign of Capricorn grounds Mercury’s desire for intellectual curiosity, fun, learning, and fast movement and gives him the ability to channel these energies productively. Mercury in Capricorn is very good for focusing the mind on tasks that require logic, pragmatism and duty. In this light, I suppose it’s fitting that this is tax preparation season. In short, it is a good time to attend to the mounds of paperwork we have left in the corner that have been calling for our attention but we keep “seeing” and smiling at but don’t do anything about because it’s not fun. So go ahead and dive in and say goodbye to the dusty colorless papers and feel the pleasure of accomplishment. I personally just sent out some paperwork that had been leering at me for almost two years. In addition, to Mercury residing in Capricorn this month, we also have the Sun King in Capricorn. He will be there until February 13th, at which point he will enter the sign of Aquarius another sign ruled by Saturn. Compounding the Saturnian dominance this month is that in addition to Mercury and the Sun hanging out in Capricorn they are also receiving an aspect or glance from their ruler Saturn. This exaggerates everything I already said about Mercury, and for the Sun it opens up the door to two possibilities. Hard work and more hard work or feeling low in vitality, self-esteem and self-confidence. It can also happen that we experience both. The best way to navigate this energy is to stay focused, be ambitious and remember to laugh along the way. Humor is the antidote to Saturn’s gaze. Another great remedy is kapalbhati pranayama an yoga breathing practice. This will purify the mind of negative thoughts as well as increase one’s confidence and energy level. Fortunately through even the Saturn dominates the Sun and Mercury right now, Jupiter is also gazing at them from the sign of Cancer. So we can also look to our teachings, teachers, philosophy and belief system to bolster us during this time of contraction. Saturn is also having his say about what Venus and Mars are doing right now as they both transit his other sign, Aquarius. Venus will be in Aquarius until February 15 at which time she will move into her sign of exaltation, Pisces, where she awakens the possibility of universal love within all of us. Mars will be in Aquarius until February 11th and then move into Pisces for the remainder of the month and most of March. When Venus and Mars get together, it always makes for a passionate combination. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean sexual passion. Aquarius as I mentioned is Saturn’s sign and Saturn isn’t too concerned with romance or sexuality so it tones down the energy a bit. Aquarius is an air sign so is concerned with big ideas that involve groups and large communities. At its best, Aquarius is the humanitarian and progressive thinker. It is a sign that cherishes friendships, is detached and independent. So with this combination we may find ourselves getting more involved with groups, politics and ideas outside ourselves. And yes, we could become involved with a friend too.

As mentioned above, Venus and Mars both enter Pisces mid month, where they will join Ketu the shadow planet that represents spiritual liberation at his best and fanaticism at his worst. Although they will all be in the intuitive, sensitive and mystical water sign of Pisces, Ketu is a fiery energy as is Mars. This combination is charged and explosive. So, beautiful Venus here is quite challenged by these fierce energies, making relationships deeply emotional, passionate idealistic and romantic, but unstable and disappointing. Once again Jupiter’s protective glance is on Mars, Venus and Ketu offering protection and guidance. This combination is certainly good for the formation of spiritually based partnerships and activities that make us feel inspired, such as yoga, hiking and running. Venus is Pisces is highly devotional, compassionate and uplifting, so activities such as Bhakti yoga, dance or doing charity work are also great ways to honor her divine nature.

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