Your 2015 Vedic Astrology Forecast


By Tracy Atkinson & Kristy Cohen

Kristy Cohen and I have put together a 2015 forecast for all twelve signs. The below forecast can be read for both your rising sign and your Moon sign in your Vedic birth chart. We welcome your comments and your feedback. Also, if there is something that you would like us to write about for future blogs, please let us know.

(Please note: the rising and Moon signs are based on the Sidereal Zodiac which differs form the Tropical Zodiac by approximately 23 degrees.)

Aries Rising/Moon
 Jupiter as the ruler of your 9th and 12th houses is now transiting your 4th house of home, happiness, mother, education and emotions until July 13 2015. This is a time when there is an expansion of educational pursuits and travel. In general you are experiencing an expansion of your heart and feeling good emotionally. You are feeling rooted and grounded and may invite foreigners into the home. There may be an expansion of home as in a renovation or the purchase of a new home. There is also an expansion of career going on for you at this time. As Jupiter goes retrograde, from December 8, 2014 – April 8, take some time to reflect on and integrate your new teachings and new found emotional abundance.
 On July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, Jupiter goes into the sign of Leo where it moves into your 5th house. This a great time for getting in touch with your passions whether it be through a new romance or a creative endeavor. You are rich in creative self-expression and projects go well now. This is a favorable time for your relationships with your children, and there is also the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Saturn is transiting your 8th house. As your 10th and 11th lord, this indicates a change in your job as well as your long term goals and desires. There may also be big shifts in your social circle and the groups you spend time with. This is a time when external events cause you to go inward and confront your fears and insecurities and your relationship to power and intimacy. Saturn’s placement in the 8th and aspect to the 2nd puts pressure on your finances as well as your partners. This is a time to be careful of over spending. This is a time to budget yourself and refrain form taking out loans. There may also be difficulties with the family now as well as time spent away from your children.

KEY HOUSES - Home & Career: This is the time to make changes in your career and go for what you want.

Taurus Rising/Moon
 Jupiter as your 8th and 11th lord is transiting your 3rd house of communication, influencing the 9th house of higher knowledge, the 7th house of partnership and the 11th house of ambition. The next six months is a time of optimism, expansion and protection in these realms. You could be spending money on gaining new skills and knowledge in an effort to promote yourself or your business. Some of you may even go back to school. Your interests and ambitions have are changing. You could be teaming up with a new partner or possibly a sibling, so seek help from those close to you. Opportunities and Jupiter's grace give you the courage and hope to reach higher. As Jupiter goes retrograde, from December 8, 2014 – April 8, allow for down time to integrate the changes on a psychological level; take some time to reflect on your goals and make necessary adjustments. This reflection period occurs prior to Jupiter's move into the sign of Leo, your 4th house, so it's time to get your 3rd house affairs in order. 

 When Jupiter moves into Leo and your 4th house on July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, the planet of grace and expansion will bring happiness to the home and heart. It's possible that a new roommate or some kind of change in your living space will occur during this transit; you may renovate a room, or the entire house or move all together. This could also mean big expenses for this year, so keep an eye on your finances. Jupiter will also bless your career and bring you luck with authority figures. It is a good time to strive for more and ask for a raise.

 Saturn, as the ruler of your 9th and 10th houses, is moving through your 7th house of partnerships for the next two years and influencing your communication, career, and identity houses. You will experience obstacles, delays and pressure in these realms. If communication issues with partners or a boss at work occur, frustration can surface. Play fair and seek detachment to get through challenges in partnerships. Be mindful to rest and use your energy wisely, as you may find you have less energy for extra curricular activities, as partnerships will require your focus and time now. Saturn is asking you to transform aspects of how you relate to others, so you will have more productive partnerships going forward. A fresh new perspective is emerging as you release insecurities and fears surrounding committed relationships. Approach all contracts with caution and careful consideration.

KEY HOUSES - Communication & Partnerships: It's a great time to collaborate with a partner, share your thoughts and ideas. It could lead to a new business idea.

Gemini Rising/Moon
 Jupiter is now transiting your 2nd house until July 14, 2015. This brings expansion two the areas of family, self-worth and resources. You may find that you have new opportunities to expand your income and grow your money. As your self-worth increases and you become more optimistic and your ability to increase your personal finances grows. They are inextricably linked. This is also a good time for relations with family, whether it be your family of origin or the family you have created. Jupiter likes sweets and can over indulge, so keep a watch on your food intake. During the next six months, Jupiter is influencing all the artha houses or earth houses in your chart, so this is a time of gains through work and career. As Jupiter goes retrograde, from December 8, 2014 – April 8, allow for down time to integrate the changes in relationships and career on a psychological and emotional level.

 On July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, as Jupiter transits Leo and your 3rd house, the focus shifts from resources to creativity and communication. This is a time of expanding your skills and interests. You may take a new class, go on many short journeys or begin a writing project. If you have your own business, you will make great head way in promoting yourself now. 

 Saturn is moving through your 6th house of work, health and daily routines. With Jupiter having an influence on the 6th house as well, there is opportunity for a new job or improved change in routine. This is a time of cutting away excess in your day and stream lining what is necessary to move you forward on your path. Saturn has a a way of putting pressure on health when transiting here, so be sure to attend to your bodily needs and improve your diet and exercise routine. You may also find that you let go of one or more of your hobbies or interests at this time.

KEY HOUSES - Resources and Health: This is a great time to make a job change and focus on increasing your self-worth and your net worth.

Cancer Rising/Moon
 Jupiter is in your 1st house of identity, influencing your house of creativity, children, partnerships, and higher knowledge. You will experience optimism, expansion and protection in these realms. You will be in the lime light this year as opportunity for recognition and popularity come without effort. You may even receive recognition for a creative endeavor or children will become prominent in your life at this time. You will widen your cultural knowledge, through studies or travels. Jupiter's retrograde transit, from December 8, 2014 – April 8, 2015, brings possibilities for conflict regarding children, partners and travel. Routines may change now and travel plans could experience some minor disruptions during this time. Best to remain optimistic and be helpful to others if disappointment sets in.

Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo on July 13, 2015 and your 2nd house of income and family. This is a great time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Family will prove to be a blessing at this time. You may want to put money away or invest in assets that keep their value. Jupiter's transit here will build your confidence and increase your self-worth. Joint resources will flourish at this time; you may consider expanding your own efforts in the business world or your own business may expand as you hire more employees. During this transit your efforts are rewarded in a big way, so go for the gold!

Saturn is in your house of creativity and children influencing your partnerships, ambitions, and income houses. Saturn’s influence brings more responsibility and focus on your creative pursuits and children. You may find yourself working on a project with others for a common goal. For some, Saturn's transit could mean a change in partnership. Once Saturn goes retrograde, from March 14, 2015 – August 1, 2015, you may experience some restrictions w/ friends, groups, and your spouse. Your ambitions may not be fulfilled as quickly as you want them to be and you could find yourself earning less than you had hoped for in the coming two years. You may experience financial delays in taking out loans to fund large projects or endeavors; remain patient and be consistent in your actions to achieve your goals.

KEY HOUSES - Partnership and Children: Be sure to spend quality time with loved ones, enjoy and celebrate with those you love.

Leo Rising/Moon
 Jupiter as your 5th and 8th lord is transiting your 12th house until July 14, 2015. This is a great time for mystical/spiritual experiences that take you away from mundane reality. This may include taking up a meditation practice, doing charitable works, going camping, traveling to a foreign country, going on retreats or spending time at the spa. In any case, you take great pleasure in working on your inner landscape and spending time with yourself. Your ability to be compassionate and empathetic is increasing during this transit as is your ability to get in touch with your dreams.

From July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, Jupiter transits the sign of Leo and your first house. This is a time of renewed hope, optimism and confidence. You may feel that you are ready to take on a leadership role and be received enthusiastically by others. This is your time to shine, be creative and be noticed. New opportunities come your way and you may receive recognition and/or a promotion. Children may come into your life one way or another.

Saturn’s transit of the 4th house is saying it is time to take responsibility at home and establish roots. Moving to a new home or making changes in the home is likely. This is a time to explore your past and let go of any emotional attachments that are keeping you stuck in a unproductive pattern. There also may be increased responsibility around your mother, as well as taking responsibility for your body and attending to health matters. Career pressures increase this year, and as they do, you may have less and less time to attend to your body and watch your diet. Remember to take the time out even though the pressure is on.

KEY HOUSES – Travel, Recognition and Roots: Expand your consciousness through travel, spending time in nature and in retreat as you let go of unneeded emotional patterns and establish a new home and set down roots.

Virgo Rising/Moon

Jupiter the ruler of your 4th and 7th houses is transiting your 11th house of ambition and is influencing your houses of communications, children, creativity, and partnerships. During the next six months you are likely to experience optimism, expansion and protection in these realms. Some Virgos may get an addition to the family through marriage or children. It's a great time to honor those around you. You may be involved in a humanitarian organization close to your heart that supports your local community or society and/or expand your heart and widen your social circle to include other like-minded people. You will fulfill goals and ambitions with others easily now and gains through speculations and investments are favored. Jupiter's retrograde transit, from December 8, 2014 – April 8, may bring differences in opinions and desires. Compromise and diplomacy are your best tools for negotiation. This is not a great time for investments or speculation.

Jupiter moves into the sign Leo, on July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016. Leo is ruling your 12th house of spirituality, imagination and escape. Jupiter will bring plenty of opportunities to escape routines and sneak away. You may find yourself at the theater more this year or an opportunity for long distance travel may appear. This transit could also take you to hospitals to visit the ill or you may need a few routine health tests now. Be mindful of health routines and regular checkups as Jupiter's energy can make one overly optimistic in these areas.

Saturn the ruler of your 5th and 6th houses is transiting your 3rd house of communication and influencing the 5th house of children and creativity, the 9th house of higher knowledge and the 12th house of spiritual liberation. You may experience obstacles, delays and pressure in these areas. As Saturn transits your 3rd house you may begin to cut away hobbies and interests to make room for a long term project that requires your full commitment. Saturn here is teaching you to use your energy efficiently and wisely. You could experience some difficulty with children, education and travel. You may find yourself wanting to go on a retreat, or welcome periods of solitude to maintain a balanced state of mind.

KEY HOUSES - Communication, Creativity and Children: This is the perfect time to develop a creative talent or interest.

Libra Rising/Moon

Jupiter is now transiting your 10th house of primary activity and/or career until July 14, 2015. This is a time of asserting your will and utilizing your talents to expand your career. Jupiter for you is a challenging planet and as your 6th lord will cause you to work hard to grow your career and you may encounter some obstacles along the way. Jupiter’s influence on your 2nd house of finances open the door to an increase in earnings and expansion of self-worth. In general it is a great time to gain public recognition and gain popularity.

From July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, Jupiter transits the sign of Leo and your 11th house. During this time the focus shifts to the expansion of goals and ambitions. You may attract powerful work associates and friends at this time. It is a great time to network and expand your social circles and community. At its highest level this transit may lead you to give back through activism and service through group experiences.

Saturn is now transiting your 2nd house while simultaneously receiving a glance from Jupiter. With the double hit to the 2nd house, this an excellent time for improving finances, diet and relationships with your family. Saturn and Jupiter are also both influencing your 4th house until July. Then Saturn alone will be influencing the 4th house for another year and a half. During the next six months is a time of feeling good at home, possibly renovating or fixing up the home.

KEY HOUSES - Career and Self-Worth: This is the time to work hard and expand your career and recognition.

Scorpio Rising/Moon

Jupiter as ruler of your 2nd and 12th houses is transiting your 9th house of higher knowledge influencing your houses of identity, communications, creativity and children. You will experience optimism, expansion and protection in these realms. This is a wonderful time for learning, teachers, travel and reaching new goals. You may feel inspired to take steps toward a new business or self-promotion with a goal in mind. Your father or siblings may play an important role in your life at this time and benefit you immensely. Don't be afraid to ask for help, you have a lot of support around you now. An increase in income can result from your efforts. As Jupiter goes retrograde from December 8, 2014 - April 8, 2015, make room for down time, vacations or meditation, as you strategize how to put your big plan into action.

From July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, Jupiter transits the sign of Leo and your 10th house. This is an excellent time for recognition or a promotion if you have been working towards an advancement in your career. The recognition you receive will leave you feeling confidant and optimistic and give you a strong sense of purpose in worldly affairs. This is a time when practical matters, finances and relationships with parents seem to flow and bring happiness, so enjoy Jupiter's blessings throughout the year.

Saturn is transiting your 1st house of self and identity, and influencing your communication, career, and partnerships houses. You will experience obstacles, delays and pressure in these realms. As Saturn ruler of your 3rd and 4th houses, transits your house of self and identity you may begin to take on new commitments and responsibilities, which in turn bring a heavier work load. You may feel low energy and want to spend more time at home. Spend your energy wisely, act with fairness and diplomacy in all your dealings. As Saturn turns retrograde you may feel restricted in your career or have issues regarding advancement during this time. Partnerships may require a bit more compromise at this time.

KEY HOUSES - Identity and Communications: You can make progress now and promote yourself with ease. Communicate and connect, put yourself out there; your efforts are blessed and will grow results.

Sagittarius Rising/Moon

Jupiter, your ruling planet, is going through your 8th house of transformation and change until July 14, 2015. This is a time of endings, loss and surrender, but through confronting your fears and insecurities you expand your consciousness and awaken the connection with your true self. You are learning how to use your power in a constructive way. What brings you happiness and comfort is changing at this time. You are having a change of heart and creating a new identity. You have the ability to flow with change now and make transformation look easy.

Psychology, yoga, life’s mysteries, the occult and/or things that are hidden come into focus now. You may find yourself doing research and digging deep into one or more of these areas for understanding and meaning. This is also a good time for benefiting from other people’s money such as taking loans, receiving alimony, inheritances, insurance money

From July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, Jupiter transits the sign of Leo and your 9th house, you will feel that the shedding of the old is complete and you are ready to expand through new teachings. This could manifest in taking a new class, getting a certification, going on a trip or going back to school. It is also possible that you may find yourself taking on the role of teacher yourself either formally or informally. In any case education, travel and philosophy bring you great joy and expansion now. In addition, this a good time for writing, advertising and promotion.

Saturn is moving through your 12th house this year, bringing the focus on to long distance and foreign travel, solitude, retreats, meditation, dreaming and time spent in nature. What you value will come under scrutiny now, as does your self-worth. There may be issues with family now that need your attention as well as need to refine your diet and change your daily routine.

KEY HOUSES - Transformation and Surrender: Enjoy this time of deep change. You are shedding what you no longer need and creating a new sense of self.

Capricorn Rising/Moon

Jupiter, the ruler of your 3rd and 12th houses, is transiting your 7th house of partnership until July 14, 2015. In addition, Jupiter is influencing your 11th house of ambition, your 1st house of identity and your 3rd house of communication. You will experience optimism, expansion and protection in these realms. It's time to roll all your efforts into one pursuit and put yourself out there in a big way. You may experiment with different ways to get your message out there or team up with a partner who shares your values. Jupiter's transit it also supporting foreign travels, siblings, creative writing, and photography/film. At times you may feel like you need to escape. This is best exercised through travel, meditation or immersing yourself in a good book. Use Jupiter's uplifting energy to inspire others. Ask yourself how you can you improve your lines of communication so your message can reach the multitudes.

From July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, Jupiter transits the sign of Leo and and your 8th house. The planet of blessings is moving into the house of joint finances, psychology, and transformation. Your values may shift now as you surrender desires and let go of the idea that anything external will bring you happiness. Use Jupiter's blessing to let go of outdated insecurities, emotional scars and suffering. This in turn expands your hope and optimism as you experience a new sense of freedom and surrender.

Saturn, the ruler of your 1st and 2nd houses, is transiting your 11th house of ambitions, and is influencing your 1st house of identity, 5th house of children and creativity, and 8th house of transformation. Your in a unique mix of reinventing yourself as you let go of key aspects of your outer identity. This can mean marriage, name change or the possibility of letting old partnerships go. Give credence to your creativity endeavors and work hard to manifest your true hopes and ambitions in the world.

KEY HOUSES - Identity & Ambitions: Embrace the aspects of yourself that are growing in confidence; it's time to shine and go for it!

Aquarius Rising/Moon

Jupiter is transiting your 6th house until July 14, 2015. It has been there for six month now and you may have already received a promotion or a new job. In general this is a good time for career, work and personal finance. This transit is good for establishing and enjoying new exercise and diet routines. It is also good for expanding your consciousness through traveling to foreign lands, retreats and spending time in nature.

From July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, Jupiter transits the sign of Leo and your 7th house. Saturn is already aspecting your 7th house and will continue to do so fro the next two years. With the double hit to the 7th house for a whole year, you will benefit through relationships and partnerships. If you are single, a relationship may manifest now and if you are in a relationship it is likely to improve.

Saturn is transiting your 10th house for the next two years, putting the focus on your career and reputation. Since Saturn is your ruling planet this is especially significant. If you have been feeling unsure of what direction to go in career wise, Saturn will help you to hone in on one direction and you will be able to commit yourself to that path. It may take the entire two years to discover what that is, but through hard work, responsibility and perseverance all will be revealed and you will be firmly on your path.

KEY HOUSES - Career and Relationships: It’s time to make commitments to your career and your relationship/partnership.

Pisces Rising/Moon

Jupiter, as the ruler of your 1st and 10th houses, is transiting your 5th house of children and creativity until July 14, 2015. During this time it is also influencing your 9th house of higher knowledge, 11th house of ambition, and 1st house of identity. You will experience optimism, expansion and protection in these realms.You may have had several opportunities for creativity at work and you were probably recognized for your creative touch. Now that Jupiter is Retrograde, you may need to tweak projects or seek our more knowledge to ground your projects validity. Remember to to work as a team, be considerate of other's feelings; do not dismiss or leave others behind, as you may be prone to a bout of over confidence or self-righteousness as Jupiter goes retrograde.

From July 14, 2015 – July 13, 2016, Jupiter transits the sign of Leo and your 6th house of daily routines, health and work. Your work environment will be pleasant as problems with others seem to smooth out now and there is a general flow to your schedule. You may be inspired to change and strengthen your health through a new diet or fitness routine. Don't over reach in your resolutions when it comes to health as you may find yourself disappointed in the long run. Keep your expectations simple and goals reachable. Heed the call to donate your time to your favorite charity as this is a wonderful time to work on behalf of others who are in need. Long distance travels and spiritual progress are in the forecast now through July of 2016. So go ahead and plan your trip now whether it be traveling externally or internally.

Saturn is in your house of higher knowledge aspecting your house of ambitions, communications, and health, ruling the 10th and 11th houses. Saturn will bring pressure to stretch your knowledge or your perspective. How you fit into the big picture may change as you face challenges with your health, and communications with others. Siblings may go through a difficult time now as well.

KEY HOUSES: Higher knowledge and Ambitions: Take what has inspired you and integrate it humanitarian efforts, you now have the power to make a real difference.

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