Deep Change Ahead: Where Is It Happening For You?

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By Tracy Atkinson

This month, magnificent Jupiter is set to go stationary retrograde at 28 degrees of Cancer from December 8, 2014 - April 8, 2015. This will render the areas of life (houses) that Jupiter rules in our chart a bit more difficult to manifest or access. Retrograde periods are in general a good time to traverse our inner landscape. Since Jupiter goes retrograde for four months, we certainly have ample time to look within as we continue the outward journey. During the next seven and half months, Jupiter will be in the sign of Cancer and specifically in the nakshatra, Ashlesha, also called “the embracer”. The entire sign of Cancer is a deeply emotional sign that tends to develop a lot of emotional attachments, but with Ashlesha, whose symbol is a coiled snake, the attachments go even deeper. This can lead to obsession, addiction and in general make it difficult to let go. However, when functioning at a high level, Ashlesha’s symbol of the snake, connects this star with the kundalini energy, giving us access to great power and transformation. Jupiter’s placement here gives us the ability access this higher vibration. Jupiter as Guru will support and illuminate our path as we navigate our way through the murky world of our attachments that originate from fear. We have the opportunity to get to the root of our attachments, clearing the way to significant change. During this time, Jupiter continues to aspect or have a one way dristi on Saturn in Scorpio who is also leading us toward change in the areas of life (houses) that he influences. In general it is a good time for healing, spiritual practices that awaken the kundalini such as yoga and pranayama and studying ancient mystical knowledge and the mysteries of the human psyche. During this month Mars and Saturn are in a parivartana yoga due to their inhabiting each others signs. Mars is exalted in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn where he can channel his fierce nature into giving us ambition, strategy and practicality. This sets up a powerful exchange that gives them both a big boost of strength. Mars is the stronger of the two planets in this exchange and he is saying “have no fear”. This makes it a great time for initiating big projects, climbing mountains (literally or figuratively), taking risks and feeling the inner warrior awaken. And now for how all this will effect you... (Please note: the rising and Moon signs are based on the Sidereal Zodiac which differs form the Tropical Zodiac by approximately 23 degrees.) Aries Rising/Moon With Mars and Saturn creating a 10th/8th house exchange, there may be changes in the work place. You may be feeling like taking the lead on a project and woe to the person who stands in your way. Taurus Rising/Moon This a great time for taking a trip or a workshop with a partner or close friend. You may find yourself writing or learning a new skill. Gemini Rising/Moon Keep your health in check. There may be a need to change your work habits and daily routines. Caner Rising/Moon Be careful not to over extend yourself and try to take on too much. Your partner is working hard and feeling ambitious. With both of you pushing hard, it is important to remember to have fun together. Leo Rising/Moon You may have been out and about, but now find yourself wanting to stay home now and set down roots. This is a good time to discover what brings you happiness at home and take a breather from the external world. Virgo Rising/Moon This a great time for creativity and writing. You may find yourself narrowing down your goals and bringing the focus on to yourself. Libra Rising/Moon The focus is on home, family and roots. You may be fixing up your home or other property. Take time to balance your home life with your career as your career expands. Scorpio Rising/Moon This month there is a big focus on self. It is a great time to get physical and work your body and assert your will. Mars and Saturn create a 1st house/3rd house exchange giving you the energy and motivation to express your courage and be enterprising. Sagittarius Rising/Moon You may be spending money on travel, property and family as well as donating money to charity. In general, it is difficult to save this month. It’s a great time to re-examine your values and speak your mind.

Capricorn Rising/Moon For you Capricorn, the Saturn/Mars exchange is happening between the 1st and 11th houses, amping up your ambition and desire to take on big goals. You may be feeling a desire to network as your ability to take on more responsibility expands. Aquarius Rising/Moon With the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn in your 10th house, Jupiter aspecting all of these planets from the 6th and Mars and Saturn creating a 10th house 12th house exchange, the word for the month is: career and power. This is the focus right now and the pressure is on. You may let go of something around work, travel for work and/or work with a non-profit. Pisces Rising/Moon You have a lot of energy to put toward your goals now. There may be an opportunity for travel as well a new course of study that gives you a strong sense of purpose.


Tracy & Kristy

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