The New Moon In Scorpio

By Kristy Cohen

In the simplest of terms Vedic Astrology is an ancient tool for self analysis that reveals our unique path for personal growth and soul evolution. In essence, we are heavenly spirits having an earthly experience. It is our dharma or duty to discover ourselves, evolve, and be happy. Astrology is also called the science of time, and the planetary cycles that reflect human drama on Earth are endless. Each month we are given the opportunity to tune into these celestial energies as a way to realign ourselves through body, mind and spirit. The New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle that shines light on the aspects of our path that are calling for awareness, integration, and transformation. By setting intentions and working with the planetary energies we learn to flow with life instead of against it. Through the lens of each planet's influence and cycle we see the destiny of our growth and the unfolding of our soul through time. New Moon in Scorpio November 22, 2014: Take command of your emotions On November 22nd, the Moon aligns with the Sun, Saturn and Venus in the Sidereal sign of Scorpio. With so many planets in the same house, this New Moon chart highlights the themes of letting go and transformation. Here in the east coast, we need only step outside and observe this process unfolding around us in the form of autumn. During Saturn's two and a half year transit, the house where Scorpio falls in your birth chart will be under pressure. It is time to take stock of the present, release the old and maintain only the bare necessities that are needed to shed light on all the new that you will create. This is by no means an easy process, because virile Mars, the ruler of Scorpio and Aries, is an enemy to conservative Saturn. Saturn's patient, methodical approach can really frustrate Mars who likes to act first and think later. We have to weigh the differences of these cosmic intelligences and mindfully blend the two energies to honor both. Saturn will materialize our fears while Mars asks us to find the courage to let them go The New Moon on November 21 is debilitated in the sign Scorpio, conjunct Saturn, Sun and Venus. Although, the Moon is in a difficult situation, it actually reveals the sensitive nature of the inner work that needs to be done during this cycle. The Moon here is allowing deep seated insecurities and anxieties to bubble to the surface, and the Sun's purpose is to shine light on the key issues. Saturn's energy will slow the mind down so we can take a good look at our psychological landscape. The task is to review our emotional beliefs and figure out what's driving our ambitions. Is it imagined fear or are we acting on behalf of our personal truth? Venus' role in the mix won't let us forget about the previous New Moon eclipse cycle in Libra, as well as Saturn's recent departure from the sign, which both highlighted partnerships and the long term contracts. Mercury's transit near the end of Libra acknowledges that there is still something to be said about truthful communication when it comes to compromising our values. Ruling planet Mars is one sign away in Sagittarius, so it's time to let the ghosts out of the closet, align with our dharma and speak our truths. This month's Moon cycle seems to suggest that this work will be played out on an inner level as well as with those that are closest to us. Read both your Vedic rising sign and Moon sign for an integrative approach. Where the New Moon occurs from your rising sign will show how these energies manifest on a physical level and from your moon sign, how you will feel about them. Be open to both possibilities, keep a journal to follow insights that may come near the Full Moon on December 5th, or towards the end of the cycle as the Moon grows dark completing its cycle on December 20th. Integrate the suggested yoga poses for your signs to help release stagnate energy and create a feeling of openness. Note: please check with your doctor before beginning a yoga practice and seek out a certified yoga teacher if you are new to yoga. ARIES RISING/MOON This cycle will require confidence to explore the deep and murky places of ourselves and ask what values you've compromised to get what you want. Reestablishing your self worth will come at the Taurus Full Moon. Yoga fix: Fear no evil with a series of backbends that will encourage release and open your throat and heart chakras. It also a great time to treat yourself to a massage. TAURUS RISING/MOON This cycle seems to suggest there is a lot going on with your partners that may leave you feeling the brunt of an emotional situation. It's important to nourish both yourself and others as the Full Moon will reveal. Yoga fix: Try initiating the mirroring process by partnering up in balancing poses like Warrior Three or Triangle, or Tree pose. GEMINI RISING/MOON This cycle brings issues of health, routine and habits to the forefront. It may be time to cut out bad habits and begin anew with an exercise regimen or new diet. Near the full Moon, you may feel inspired to try alternative therapies that will help you achieve your goal. Yoga fix: Mediations using hand mudras may be the right thing for you. Google Prana Mudra and practice for an overall immune system boost. CANCER RISING/MOON It's time to rethink your commitment to creative projects and how to birth what is closest to your heart. Issues with your own children or the children of others may also come to the forefront. Take the time to parent with a devotional heart and patience. Yoga fix: Partner up with a youngster or loved one for lizard on a rock pose or double down dog for some laughs. LEO RISING/MOON Home is where the heart is this next cycle. It is possible you may make plans for a move or others may come and go in this cycle. Perhaps it's a plan for a major cleaning to get rid of the old and start fresh. However these energies manifest remember that these stirrings are a refection of an upcoming change deep within yourself. Yoga fix: Let the ego fall to the wayside as you meditate to discover your heart's deepest desires. Try a restorative yoga class and go deep. VIRGO RISING/MOON It's time to tune up your communication skills and ask yourself what and how are you communicating. Are you passionate about the information you share with the others, are you speaking your truth or getting lost in the mundane details or murky emotions? Keep your eyes on the road as you pursue your higher goals. Yoga fix: Put your hands to good use and balance in handstand, crow pose or side plank. LIBRA RISING/MOON This Moon brings a lot of energy and focus into your earned income house. Any efforts toward generating income are noted, as you reap what you sow now with slow moving Saturn here to stay for the next two and half years. Right speech coupled with determination will lead the way. Yoga fix: A kundalini kriya or chanting could move mountains for you. Give it a try! SCORPIO RISING/MOON This cycle takes place in your first house, the emphasis is truly on you and your identity, cut away the imagined fears that are holding you back and commit to your goals and true ambitions. Insights will come through others at the full Moon in Taurus. Your values may clash and negotiation could be necessary. Yoga fix: Find your inner warrior with a Warrior series flow. SAGITTARIUS RISING/MOON The spin cycle is in reverse for you, it's time to lose yourself, hibernate, go deep and get in touch with something larger than yourself. What can you let go of, where can you soften the ego even more? This conversation is between you and your higher self, or Spirit. An opportunity for charity or service may come near the full Moon as it highlights your 6th house. Yoga fix: Turn yourself inside out by practicing Yoga Nidra and empty yourself out with Headstand. CAPRICORN RISING/MOON It's time to reflect on your personal goals versus worldly goals that benefit mankind. Let go of any need to control your gift to the world or your unique expression and just be. Surround yourself with like minded people or join a cause. Yoga fix: Dedicate a few rounds of Sun Salutations to the Sun who continual shines his light on us all. AQUARIUS RISING/MOON Time to make a connection between your heart's desires and the role you take on in the world. Let devotion drive your ambitions and embrace the world with your heart. Yoga fix: Try the heart opener pose like King Dancer pose or Camel pose. PISCES RISING/MOON It is time to courageously reset your horizons based on the new philosophies, beliefs or teachings that you have recently integrated. Communicate your ideas near the Full Moon with friends and neighbors. This could manifest in the form of a pot luck or small gathering of friends and family. Yoga fix: Time to stretch those hamstrings and ankles. Integrate all kinds of forward bends into your practice. Try Uttanasana and variations of standing wide-legged forward bends. Radha Devi

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