Total Lunar Eclipse October 2014

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By Tracy Atkinson

This is shaping up to be a rather exciting month astrologically. Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde on October 4th in peace-loving and harmonious Libra and then sneak back into analytical and meticulous Virgo on October 15th. He then goes direct again on October 25th. Although Mercury retrograde is traditionally not a good time to start new projects or make new agreements, it is an excellent time to go back and review, refine and resolve. The great slow walker, Saturn is finishing up his last month in Libra giving us one more opportunity to reap the benefits of what he has taught us during his three year long transit of charming Libra. Libra is the sign of relationships and Saturn transiting here is all about making changes in this necessary but sometimes challenging area of our lives. Next on the menu we have two eclipses this month: a total lunar eclipse in sensitive and intuitive Pisces on October 8 and a partial solar eclipse on October 23 in Libra in the sidereal zodiac. Eclipses temporarily obscure the light of the Sun (soul) or the Moon (mind) creating confusion and delusion. For this reason, eclipses are considered a good time to lay low and be introspective, so it’s a good idea a few days before and a few days after each eclipse to take long walks, meditate, spend time in nature and/or participate in peaceful activities. If you have planets on the Pisces/Virgo or Aries/Libra axis this eclipse cycle will have more of an impact on you. If you have no planets in these signs, look to the houses where these signs are in your Vedic chart and this will be the areas of your life effected. For example, if you are a Cancer rising the eclipses will be happening on the 3/9 axis of travel/education and the 4/10 axis of home/career. These areas of life will get energized and come to the forefront over the next six months. We can look deeper at the meaning of these eclipses if we look at the lunar mansions (nakshatras) where these eclipses are taking place. Nakshatras are another set of constellations that the Moon moves through every month. There are 27 of them and each of them has a meaning just like the 12 signs of the zodiac. The total lunar eclipse in Pisces on October 8 will take place in Revati nakshatra and the Moon will be conjunct Ketu, the planet of spiritual freedom. The combination of Moon and Ketu in Pisces may give us the desire to let go of “reality” through escapism, transcendence, travel or a spiritual awakening. In general is a time of letting go and finishing up. Revati is the last nakshatra which resides in the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Pisces is a water sign that is introspective, devotional, spiritual, idealistic, dreamy and compassionate. The nakshatra of Revati is ruled by the deity Pushan, the nurturer and protector of animals. Thus, Revati is connected with food and nourishment as well as taking care of or healing animals. This is a highly compassionate nakshatra. Personally as Ketu, the planet of spiritual freedom, transits Pisces and receives an aspect or dristi from auspicious Jupiter, I have begun to notice a shift. Many people are becoming increasingly more aware of the suffering of farm animals in the agricultural business and are choosing to make changes to their lifestyles. Some people are going vegan, vegetarian or choosing to buy meat and dairy products from humanely raised animals. There is a growing movement to eat produce that is locally grown and take more care of our environment. The Climate Change March in New York City on September 21 and the other marches around the world demonstrate this in a big way. In addition, many more of my clients are asking me to give them Vedic remedies, such as mantra and seva (selfless service) to help them with difficult karmas as well as to develop themselves spiritually. I’ve also seen friends and colleagues having emotional and spiritual breakthroughs. The transit of Ketu in Pisces will continue until January 2016 and I expect that we will continue to see this awakening of selflessness and compassion. With Jupiter’s rays or aspect influencing Ketu until next July, the next 9 months is particularly strong for giving us the opportunity to expand our consciousness and make quantum leaps toward healing ourselves and the planet. Until next time... With love, Tracy

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