Think Power as Mars Enters Scorpio

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By Tracy Atkinson

This month the pressure created by the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra abates as Mars move into Scorpio on September 5 until October 15. Saturn will stay in Libra until November. Mars in Scorpio Mars rules Scorpio therefore he does well here. Scorpio brings out the better side of Mars. Here we can channel the wild fighter energy of Mars into conquering fears and insecurities instead of destroying everyone is our path. Mars in Scorpio is the quintessential yogi or martial arts master. In other words, focused power. In addition, Mars is being supported by Jupiter‘s (Guru) drishti or aspect. With this aspect, Jupiter is guiding Mars (the conqueror) toward the light, giving him wisdom and good counsel. Jupiter’s gaze gives us the opportunity to use the energy of Mars for a higher cause and if we rise to the challenge, to conquer a fear or two.

Below is the chart of a woman with Mars in Scorpio in the 4th house. Her karma (actions) fall perfectly in line with the energies of a Mars in Scorpio, she is a master yogi who teaches both the novice and the teacher. It is her mission to help others conquer their fears.

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How deep does the transformational energy of this Mars go? This particular Mars falls in a kendra or angular house of of the chart. The kendras are the houses of manifestation. When one of the five true planets sits in its own sign or sign of exaltation in a kendra this creates a yoga called a Mahapurusha yoga (a great person yoga). In this case it is Mars creating this yoga and it is specifically called a Ruchaka yoga. This gives the chart owner the best qualities of Mars: independence, courage, the ability to protect (in a warrior way not a nurturing way), strong physical vitality, enormous amounts of energy, power and stamina, the ability to take action and move the kundalini energy. In addition, her Mars sits in the nakshatra Jyestha ruled by Mercury. Mercury sits in the 8th house of deep transformation and change. The shakti or power of Jyestha is the power to rise, overcome and conquer. The deity associated with Jyestha is Indra, the king of the gods. He throws the thunderbolts during storms. He is a generous hero, the ultimate warrior and willing to be of service.
 The owner of this chart and others who also have the Mars in Scorpio combination embody this energy every day, for the next six weeks we have the opportunity to benefit from this incredible power.

Venus in Leo Venus the guru of the senses is now in playful, fun loving and royal Leo. This combination gives us the opportunity to enjoy the creative fun side of life through entertainment, the arts, love and affection. Leo is especially connected to the dramatic arts. Leo also brings out the more extroverted side of Venus, so it is a good time for entertaining friends, laughing and in general getting in touch with what we are passionate about and what gives us pleasure and joy. Mercury and Rahu in Virgo Mercury is exalted in Virgo this month as he approaches a conjunction with Rahu. This combination is great for information gathering, discrimination, sorting and classifying. Communication of all kinds comes to the forefront and becomes a bit exaggerated. Several images come to mind: filing away the papers stacked on the desk, floor and in corners; diligently writing or doing research; taking an obsessive interest in health matters, especially of the alternative kind; spending even more time than usual on the internet; taking an interest in information that is less known.The trick with Rahu/Mercury, is moderation. Rahu is not a planet that knows moderation, so the mind can become a bit over active and compulsive. In short, this month is a mix of varying energies. On the one hand, Mars is offering us enormous amounts of physical power, the ability to take action and conquer what is holding us back. Venus is offering us a bit of reprieve from the intensity of Mars and asking us to have fun and play; and finally Mercury and Rahu are offering us the opportunity to gather information on new and unusual topics and while getting super organized. Until next time... With love, Tracy

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