Saturn and Mars: The Planets of Greatness Come Together in Libra


This month we have a pressure cooker building as Mars the warrior general moves slowly toward a conjunction with Saturn, the old man. Their energies are so opposite, that they are often referred to as the accelerator (Mars) and the brake (Saturn). It’s as if someone is sitting in a car with the clutch disengaged and the engine running while having one foot on the break and one foot on the gas pedal. The result, a highly revved engine that is about to explode. As you may remember, Saturn has been transiting Libra since November 2011 and the themes of whatever house he has been moving through in your chart are most likely in a very different state then they were prior to his entrance. Saturn is now nearing the end of his transit in Libra. He is presently at 22 degrees Libra and will finally move into the next sign Scorpio on November 2, 2014. To mark the final section of his transit, Saturn went stationary direct on July 20, 2014 at 22 degrees of Libra where he still resides. Yes, he is moving slowly. He hasn’t picked up speed yet since his station. When a planet stations the degree where the planet stations becomes a hot spot, and when a planet such as Mars or the Sun go over that degree, events occur. Mars will be going going over 22 degrees on August 23, activating this degree. This could manifest in the making of a decision or the taking of an action that you have been thinking about but had not yet taken. Similarly, Saturn’s direct motion releases us from feeling stuck in the areas of life or houses that Saturn rules in our charts. These are the Capricorn and Aquarius houses. For example if you are a Leo rising, you may have been feeling stuck in the relationship department. Now that Saturn is direct you may be feeling a sense of release, and that you can now move forward in those areas. In addition, if Saturn is aspecting a planet by transit that areas may have been blocked as well. For example, if the Sun has been receiving a Saturn aspect, you may have been feeling low in vitality, blocked in your career and/or you may have been experiencing difficulties with authority figures. As the Saturn and Mars conjunction grows stronger this month and finally culminate on August 25 at 23 degrees Libra, we may feel a sense of determination, tenacity and intense focus. It is a great time to be efficient, productive and take responsibility for our actions. It is an excellent time to go for that goal we have been putting off. The trick here is not to get frustrated with the process and simply enjoy the work. To bring this down to “real life” let’s look at the chart of a young woman. She is Aquarius rising. She is currently running Saturn mahadasha* (major period) and Mars antardasha* (minor period). Saturn as the 1st lord (the body/self) is debilitated in the 3rd house (life force, courage, movement) with an aspect from Mars in the 9th house (long distance travel, questing, higher learning, expansion, philosophy). The weak Saturn in the 3rd house creates a state of inertia in the body. She doesn’t feel motivated or adventurous. The Mars wants adventure, to take risks, to kick into action. There is a lot of tension here, creating the accelerator/brake situation mentioned earlier, and therefore anger and frustration.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 6.11.40 PM.png

Saturn has been transiting her 9th house for the past two and half years, setting the stage for a dramatic change while slowly restructuring her identity (Saturn in Aries) and they way she moves in the world (3rd house). However, it wasn’t until she began the Mar’s sub period in mid June and transiting Mars entered Libra that all the rebuilding that Saturn has been doing behind the scenes manifested. It began when Mars entered Libra last February and March. She rather suddenly started moving, and this movement took many forms: she joined a gym, began running, gardening and playing tennis. In a couple of months her body (Saturn) had completely changed. Once she entered Mars sub period in June these changes in actions and routine became varied and constant. She began setting goals for herself and achieving those goals. Then with Mars in Libra as of July 13 and Saturn turned direct on July 20, she set out for a three week long camping and hiking adventure in northern California: a rigorous physical trek that would involve a four day hike along the coast, three days rafting down a river, rock climbing, mountain biking, swimming and sea kayaking. Without a doubt, we can certainly say that this exemplifies the greatness of Saturn and Mars as they transit through her 9th house. Until next time... With love, Tracy * Dashas are planetary periods that indicate the unfolding of our personal karma in astrology.

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