How Will Jupiter In Cancer 2014/2015 Benefit You?

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Jupiter, the great benefic in Vedic Astrology, is moving from the masculine air sign of Gemini into the feminine water sign of Cancer on June 18, 2014 and will stay there until July 13, 2015. This is a big astrological event in many ways, and the question on all our minds is “What does this mean for my life?” Well, to start with, it is a blessing for all of us, but for some of us it will be an even bigger blessing. Why is Jupiter moving into Cancer such a big deal? For one thing, Jupiter only changes signs once a year, so when he does it signifies a significant shift in life themes. Second, Cancer is the sign where Jupiter is strongest. It is his sign of exaltation and all the wisdom and light that Jupiter is capable of giving is at it fullest here. Why is this? Let’s break it down to understand why. Jupiter (Brihaspati) As you may remember from some of my past blogs, Jupiter is named Brihaspati and he is the teacher or guru to the gods. In the mythology of Jupiter he instructed and protected the gods, and taught them how to get their share of the soma or divine nectar, by using mantras to drive away their enemies the demons or asuras. From this, we can see that mantra is one of the prime tools for conquering our personal demons and creating a state of peace. As the divine teacher, Jupiter is the significator for mantra truth, spiritual wisdom, faith and and knowledge. He is an expansive and benevolent planet that brings abundance, prosperity, growth and generosity to whatever house or planet he touches in the chart. He represents teachers of all kinds as well as children and he is also one of the planets of wealth along with Venus. The Sign of Cancer Cancer is the sign of peace, nurturing, caring, support, emotional intuition, unconditional love and inner and outer security. The expansive and dharmic (truthful) nature of Jupiter excels in the watery and sattwic (pure) sign of Cancer. The element of water allows the significations of Jupiter to expand with out limits. We may experience Jupiter in Cancer through a nurturing and loving teacher; feeling more emotionally connected and loving toward children (whether they be our own or someone else’s); or through becoming a supportive and nurturing teacher ourselves whether it be formal or informal. The highest expression of Jupiter in Cancer is the expansion of emotional security within ourselves and the letting go of trying to make people and things outside ourselves be our security. How will Jupiter in Cancer Benefit You? (Please note: the rising and Moon signs are based on the Sidereal Zodiac which differs form the Tropical Zodiac by approximately 23 degrees.) Aries Rising/Moon There is a big improvement in your home life and you simply love the feeling of being at home now. There is a distinct possibility that you will move in the next year into a new home that brings you a wonderfully feeling of security and new hope. You may travel long distance by car. You could also attend a school in a distant place. Taurus Rising/Moon Get ready to get busy. Your desire to expand your skills is on the rise, especially skills that involve use of the hands such as writing and playing an instrument. You may find yourself taking classes that expand your consciousness and at the same time expand your social life. This is a social time of making new friends. Your ability to communicate is at its best now. Gemini Rising/Moon Financial abundance is on the rise. Your ability to bring in a larger income is favored as is your overall career picture. This year is about enjoying the comforts of life. You may take pleasure from the simple things in life such as cooking, gardening and being around family. Cancer Rising/Moon The past two and half years have been a challenge, but now enters Jupiter, gracing you with hope, optimism and renewed faith. Your world is expanding this year in a multitude of ways. If you are single, a new relationship is likely to emerge. If you are already in a relationship, it will be even better. A guide or teacher may come into your life that gives you a new sense of purpose and direction. Leo Rising/Moon This is a year of transformation and deep introspection. Spiritual practices, mysticism and time spent away on retreats are favored. Your dream world may be vivid and highly creative offering you insight into your true nature. You will experience a great deal of luck and positive experiences while traveling in foreign countries and would benefit from participating in international charity work. Virgo Rising/Moon This is a year of achieving your long term goals. Your social circle will expand as well as the money flowing in from your career and side ventures. Your friends are highly supportive and will be a big help in your achievements. You will also experience benefits socially and monetarily through business partnerships and relationships in general. Libra Rising/Moon Success and prosperity through profession. It’s a super busy time in your career and you are utilizing your skills and talents well. You will be recognized and admired for your hard work. A boss or significant person in your work world will support you and nurture you in your career. Scorpio Rising/Moon This is a year of expansion through learning and travel. You are developing a new purpose or philosophy that is giving you a new hope and enthusiasm about life. You may meet a significant teacher or guide. You are an inspiration to others and may find that you are in a teaching role to others as well. This is a great time for relationships with children and your father or father figures. Sagittarius Rising/Moon Deep transformation and healing are themes this year. You may become interested in psychology or metaphysics as tools for conquering fears and releasing the past. You may benefit from the money of other people. A change in residence is possible that leads to happiness and security. Capricorn Rising/Moon Business and romantic partnerships flourish now. You may meet a significant friend who is supportive and life changing. Travel opportunities for business are likely as is travel for spiritual purposes. You are feeling more courageous and enterprising now, and are ready to take risks and seek out adventure. Aquarius Rising/Moon You pay more attention to your health, taking care to eat foods that are healing and beneficial to the body, as well establishing new exercise routines that bring you emotional stability and calm. You make new friends through work and humanitarian projects. Your career and reputation excel. Pisces Rising/Moon This is a year of creative expression of all kinds, whether it be through the creation of children, an artistic project or the start of a romance. You will feel lucky and optimistic in life as opportunities to have fun open up for you. You may take up a new coarse of study that brings you great joy and an inspiring sense of purpose.



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