Astrological Forecast May 2014


Venus Exalted in Pisces After the intensity of the eclipses in April, May promises to be a much more gentle and fun loving month. First off, Venus, the planet of relationships, romantic love, creativity and beauty is exalted (performs at her best) in the mystical and idealistic water sign of Pisces until May 23. This is a great combination for relationships of all kinds as it allows us to feel more compassion, love and devotion and therefore connect to each other more deeply and truly. Venus in Pisces is also good for bringing beauty into the world in its highest form. It is a great time for creative projects all around, especially the visual arts, film, music poetry and fashion. If you are not a creative person yourself, then it is a good time to go out and partake in someone else’s beautiful creations and transcend mundane reality for a few moments, a few hours or a few days and experience joy and happiness without out boundaries. There may be some romance and passion mixed in with the love and devotion, as Mars is still in Virgo this month and therefore is aspecting Venus by opposition while she is gliding through Pisces. When Venus and Mars get together by conjunction (same sign) or opposition (opposite signs) they create sexual desire, heat and passion. On May 11, although Venus will still be in Pisces, she will change nakshatras (lunar mansions) and go into the star of Revati. The shakti or power of Revati is the ability to nourish. Revati is associated with travel, food, nourishment, hospitality of all kinds as well as the love and care of animals. So from May 11-23 is a great time to host dinner parties, take in friends or family ( or maybe even a stranger) who may be traveling, or go traveling yourself and be the receiver of someone else’s hospitality. You may also find that the opportunity to assist or taking care of animal happens at this time.

 Mercury in Taurus/Gemini On May 4 Mercury (intellect and communication) moves from from fiery and impulsive Aries to grounded and peaceful Taurus where he will be until May 22. This is a good change for Mercury. While in Aries Mercury was receiving aspects from Saturn and Mars in addition to being on the Rah/Ketu axis. While Mercury is in Taurus, he will be free of all the affliction from the difficult planets giving us the ability to communicate in a more practical and balanced way. We may turn our thinking on to how to accumulate more comforts or simply enjoy refined pleasures such as public speaking, poetry and humor. On May 22 Mercury enters his own masculine air sign of Gemini where he is strong. Since Jupiter is still in Gemini they will be traveling together until June 19 when Jupiter makes his yearly change of signs and goes into Cancer. During this time all the best qualities of Mercury are expressed. Both Mercury and Jupiter are the education planets, so this a great time to learn on all fronts, whether it be through books, workshops, webinars or one-on-one. Mercury and Gemini signify the hands as well as communication, so learning a new language, taking a writing class or learning a skill that uses the hands, such as a musical instrument, are all good options at this time. Mercury is all about developing skills and having a good time while doing it. No agenda necessary. 
 Boosting and guiding the curious and quick moving energy of Mercury is a great way for Jupiter to finish up his year long transit of Gemini. As mentioned above the great teacher, Jupiter, will be moving into his sign of exaltation, Cancer, on June 19. This will be a great blessing for all of us. More on that next month... Cheers, Tracy

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