Astrological Forecast April 2014


The Eclipses
 This month we have a lunar eclipse on April 15 at 1 degree Libra and a solar eclipse on April 28 at 14 degrees Aries in the sidereal zodiac. Eclipses are considered a good time to lay low and be introspective, so it’s a good idea a few days before and a few days after each eclipse to take long walks, spend time in nature and/or participate in peaceful activities. If you have planets on the Aries/Libra axis or are Libra or Aries rising in the sidereal zodiac, this eclipse cycle will have more of an impact on you. If you have no planets on the Aries/Libra axis, look to the houses where these signs are in your Vedic chart and this will be the areas of life effected. For example, if you are a Capricorn rising the eclipses will be happening on the 4/10 axis of home/career. These areas of life will get energized and events in these areas of life can come to the forefront over the next six months. We can look deeper at the meaning of these eclipses if we look at the lunar mansions (nakshatras) where these eclipses are taking place. Nakshatras are another set of constellations that the moon moves through every month. There are 27 of them and each of them has a meaning just like the 12 signs of the zodiac. The lunar eclipse in Libra on April 15 will take place in Chitra nakshatra. Chitra’s symbol is a shining jewel and its shakti or power is to accumulate good karma or merit. Chitra has a lot to do with law and truth. With the lunar eclipse happening here, the focus is looking at the areas of our lives, especially when it comes to relationships (Libra), where we may be out of step with truth and doing “what is right”. The solar eclipse on April 28 in Aries is happening in the nakshatra of Bharani. The shakti of Bharani is the power to carry things away. This nakshatra has a lot to do with the cycle of birth and death. It is a nakshatra of deep transformation and letting go. If we are affected by this eclipse due to having planets or our rising sign here we may be going through a period of change due to having to let something go. Like Chitra, Bharani also has a lot to do with dharma or truth. When this quality manifests positively in shows up as fighting for social justice and truth. When it shows up negatively it can lead to being overly judgmental. With the activation of these two nakshatras this month, it is a good time to look at the path we are on and determine if it is indeed leading us toward a higher purpose. Mars in Virgo Mars (courage) is retrograde in Virgo (discrimination) this month. With Mars in Virgo we have the ability to take action through problem solving. Mars will be aspecting or influencing both the Sun until April 14 and Mercury until April 20 in mystical Pisces. This aspect of Mars on the Sun (our true self/soul) will energize us to be bold and fearless about expressing our power albeit in a gentle way due to the Sun’s placement in the watery intuitive sign of Pisces. The aspect of Mars on Mercury can create impulsive speech leading to arguments as well as give us the desire to learn something new. The next two weeks are particularly good for delving into the spiritual/mystical realms due to Mercury (the intellect) in Pisces in a sign exchange with Jupiter (higher learning) in Gemini. Sun and Mercury in Aries On April 14 the Sun (king) moves into his sign of exaltation, assertive and independent Aries, where he has the ability to responsibly and actively lead. Mercury, the minister to the king, will be joining the Sun king on April 20, creating a planetary combination or yoga that gives intelligence. In the sign of Aries this manifests as the intelligence to initiate and inspire. In addition, Mars will continue to throw his gaze toward the Sun and Mercury further amping up this fiery fest. The energy begins to get a bit complicated due to the additional aspect of exalted Saturn in Libra and Rahu/Ketu also hanging out on the Aries/Libra axis. While the Saturn aspect does slow down the Sun/Mercury in Aries a bit, it is helpful for giving longevity to any projects started at this time. The Sun/Saturn aspect also tends to give us the ability to be tenacious and work hard, two essential ingredients to success. Cheers, Tracy

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