Astrological Forecast March 2014


You may be feeling like you are running in place as this month begins. Mars went retrograde on Saturday the 1st and Saturn went retrograde on Sunday the 2nd slowing the the energy way down. Mars and Saturn are still in Libra continuing the theme of creating discomfort in relationships whether it be romantic, business or friendships. Mars in Libra hampers our ability to compromise and Saturn is asking us one more time before leaving Libra in November to commit or move on. However, because Saturn is in his sign of exaltation where he is strongest this decision to stay or go is being done in a mature and intelligent way. Yet, the triple conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Rahu continues for the rest of this month, creating pressure in the house where you have Libra in your chart. For example, if you are an Aries rising or Moon in Aries in the Vedic system this unwelcome gathering is happening in the house of relationships amping up what i mentioned earlier about discomfort in relationships. If you are a Leo rising or Moon in Leo, these bad boys are in your third house of siblings, communication, interests, the hands and music. You may find yourself doing some sort of technical work with your hands, running errands and messaging people like you are on steroids or having issues with a sibling. Fortunately, Jupiter (the wise one) continues to throw his gaze at the three trouble makers in Libra until June, preventing them from completely trashing the house they are in. Jupiter may show up in your life in the form of a teacher, advisor, or your own inner guru. Jupiter also represents children, who are our best teachers, so we may find that guidance or wisdom comes through this unexpected source. To continue the relationship theme, Venus is now in Capricorn for the remainder of the month, a sign that she feels quite comfortable in. You wouldn’t think that the goddess of love and beauty would like being in Saturn’s sign (the serious old man), but she does. Here she expresses herself in a mature and practical way. She is dutiful, constant and loyal and can do the hard work that it takes to be in a long term relationship. In addition, as I mentioned earlier Saturn is transiting Libra, Venus’ sign so they are exchanging signs during this month making Venus’ ability to commit to love or give form to a creative project that much stronger. Saturn isn’t the only influence on Venus this month. She is also receiving a glance from feisty Mars. This will energize Venus to take action in the before mentioned areas of relationship and creative projects. This combination will also create the desire in Venus to want to connect with others and show a little passion, although it won’t be too over the top, as Saturn’s influence on Venus is stronger and Saturn is not a partier. Another planet changes direction this month, and that is philosophical Jupiter, significator for growth and expansion. As Mars and Saturn go retrograde, he is goes direct on March 6. For the past four months Jupiter has been retrograde causing our expansion to be more internal and through the beliefs that we already possess. Now that Jupiter goes direct in Gemini (a sign of curiosity and learning) this is a great time to expand our beliefs and consciousness. This can manifest by taking up new courses of study, working with a new teacher or traveling to some place you have never been before. The idea is to learn, grow and move toward new experiences that inspire you to feel spiritually and intellectually renewed and abundant. Cheers, Tracy

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