Astrological Forecast February 2014

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This is a month of high energy. On February 4th, Mars the planet of action and initiation will move into the air sign of Libra (diplomacy/relationships). The combination of the fiery independent planet Mars in the Venus ruled air sign of Libra (negotiation and compromise) is a strange mix indeed. While is does create passion, it also creates instability. Mars, the warrior extraordinaire, does not like to compromise. He doesn’t see shades of grey. From the point-of-view of Mars, you are either in or your out, you are either a friend or an enemy. No compromising please! This will put the pressure on in relationships whether they be romantic or business and may lead to arguments, frustration and even declarations of separation or divorce. In addition, Mars is not alone in Libra. He will be stopping to visit Rahu during his travels. Rahu (north node) is a planet that creates restlessness and obsessiveness and expands or magnifies the qualities of the planet he touches. Thus, Mars/Rahu together create an intense, aggressive and explosive energy that needs to be directed somewhere or the energy can turn negative. A few positive outlets for this feisty combination are: undertaking large ground breaking projects, working extremely hard or engaging in intense forms of physical exercise such as hot power yoga, martial arts, or any physical activity that pushes the body to its healthy limit and/or doing technical work. In addition to Rahu, Saturn is still hanging out in Libra at the later degrees now (28-29 degrees) and Jupiter’s drishti or glance is still looking toward Libra as well until June when he makes his annual change in signs. The Saturn influence on Mars although not as strong as Rahu will add to the work obsessive energy of Mars/Rahu although Saturn ability to create delays and obstacles may make the accomplishments come a little less easily creating moments of frustration. The high energy work theme continues in other areas of the sky as well. The Sun is in Capricorn (responsibility, hard work and discipline) until February 13th. During this time the Sun king will receive a glance/aspect from Mars, super charging him with desire to work even harder and overcome obstacles in the desire to achieve and lead. Mercury is set to go retrograde on February 6th in progressive and social Aquarius and then sneaks back into practical and conventional Capricorn on the February 18th. He then goes direct again on February 28th. Although Mercury retrograde is not a good time to start new projects or make new agreements, it is an excellent time to go back and review, refine and resolve. The Jupiter in Gemini and Venus in Sagittarius opposition continues this month until February 26th, signaling continued growth and expansion in relationships that are flourishing and growing while the Saturn aspect to Venus and the above mentioned Mars in Libra create the pressure to end what isn’t working. Ah yes Saturn, the great slow walker, who gives us strength through adversity. Cheers, Tracy

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