Astrological Forecast January 2014


Happy post holidays everyone and welcome to a new year! The star (or should I say the planet) of the show this month is beautiful Venus. On December 22, 2013 Venus went retrograde at the beginning of the sign Capricorn and will remain retrograde until January 31, 2014. Venus is the planet that represents love, sex, relationships of all kinds, joy, beauty, the arts, the face, jewelry and diplomacy. While Venus is in retrograde motion, it is an excellent time to evaluate and perfect one or all of these areas. For example, if you are in a relationship or business partnership that could do with some refining then this is the time to do it. This could come in the form of seeking an outside advisor or counselor or simply making changes yourself. Similarly, this is a good time to look a bit deeper at what brings you joy and love and allow yourself to move freely in that direction. Also, although it is not a good time to start an art project, it is an auspicious time to perfect one that you are already working on. On Monday, January 6th, Venus retrogrades back from practical Capricorn into optimistic Sagittarius where she will be for the rest of January and into most of February. The visionary, devotional and philosophical aspects of Sagittarius will allow the Venusian energy in our lives to function at a higher level. We may find ourselves being more generous in relationships and allowing ourselves or our partner more freedom. The end result creating a deeper and yet more playful connection. Of course nothing is ever that simple, and during this time Venus will be receiving aspects from Saturn, Jupiter and Mars creating a more complex psycho-emotional pattern. The Saturn aspect may create a tendency to resist expressing love, while the Mars aspect ignites the sensuality and sexuality of Venus. This may at times create a feeling of schizophrenia in our relationships and we may feel like we don’t know what we want. Thankfully Jupiter, the great teacher, is also aspecting and may signal an advisor coming to our aid whether it be through a friend, a counselor or our higher self. In addition, Venus retrograde is notorious for bringing old loves back into our lives. So even if you are happily in a relationship, you may receive a text, e-mail or phone call from someone you haven’t thought about for weeks, months or even years. However, don’t get too attached, the ex’s tend to disappear as quickly as they appeared once Venus goes direct. Ultimately, Venus represents our capacity to experience pleasure through the senses: food, entertainment, artistic appreciation, creative ability, sex and beautiful things of all kinds and yet she also represents our ability to feel love and express love to all beings unconditionally. She represents universal love, which unites the diverse aspects of life and heals the loneliness produced by being human. So, go ahead awaken and honor the Venus archetype within.... Om shum shukraaye namah! Cheers,

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