Astrological Forecast November 2013

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The lunar eclipse of October 18th is behind us and we now have the November 3rd solar eclipse in the constellation of Libra coming up. As I mentioned last month, this is a good time to go inward and transcend the ego, if even for a few minutes a day. The power of an eclipse lasts six months and what it intends to reveal and/or bring to an end could happen at any time during this six month period. The timing can be seen via the transits of fast moving planets like Mars and the Sun going over the degree where the eclipse takes place. 

This eclipse may prove to be a bit challenging. The Sun (significator for self-esteem and identity) is now traveling through the sign of Libra where he is weakest. On top of that, the Sun is moving toward Saturn (restriction, denials) and of course will soon be eclipsed by Rahu on November 3rd. Mercury is there as well, but he can’t help out much here due to all the challenging energy presented by Rahu and Saturn.

In short, you might find your inner “voice of doom” growing louder and appearing more frequently. Just remember to escort “the voice” out the “door” nicely and remind yourself of all that is great about yourself and others. In a word: compassion.

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Solar Eclipse

November 3, 2013, 8:43am, NY, NY

Mercury is now officially retrograde as of October 21st and will be so until November 11th. Since Mercury is the prince of communication, we can expect miscommunication during this time resulting in delays, lateness, cancelations and just plain spacing out on that very important appointment! It’s a good time to keep a calendar if you don’t already, and if you already have one to check it a bit more than usual. In general, Mercury retrogrades are great for going back and reviewing and finishing. If we have been procrastinating on one or more projects, this is the time to finish them up. This is especially true for writing, applications, and contracts. Just don’t send the application out or sign the contract (if you can) until Mercury goes direct. During this particular Mercury retrograde period, Mercury is conjunct Saturn (responsibility, hard work) and Rahu (risk taker, revolutionary) and Jupiter (hope and grace). What can we expect form such diverse energies? Saturn is a slow mover, so we may feel ourselves becoming more serious and thinking more deeply. Saturn asks us to confront what we have been avoiding, so if there is something in our lives we are waffling about we may feel pressure to make a choice. Mercury in Libra is very creative and with Saturn’s energy added to the mix, this a good time for longer than usual writing projects. The added energies of Rahu will give a little eccentric twist to our creativity allowing us to break boundaries and innovate. Mars is still in Leo until November 26th continuing to give us courage and perseverance in the face of obstacles both outer and inner. As I said before, Mars likes being in the Sun’s sign of Leo and while he’s here, he is a welcome guest at the Sun King’s castle. During Mars’ transit in Leo, I imagine him having full run of the castle: access to the best weapons and armor, eating only the highest quality food and sleeping in a room fit for royalty. All of these supports give Mars comfort here and he can go out each day and be successful in his quests. So use the next month to breakthrough with Mars even if the Sun King is down and out in Libra. On October 30th Venus (love and money) moves from passionate Scorpio into freedom loving and philosophical Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign. Venus is here until December 5th, where she will be aspected by none other than Saturn. (There seems to be no escape from Saturn this month.) Think expansive idealistic love with some with moments of caution and uncertainty. While Venus here may give us the desire to express our love, to play and be adventurous and optimistic in our relationships, Saturn will keep us constantly looking over our shoulder expecting the worst. Fortunately Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius will be aspecting Venus as well during the month, giving us the ability to in the end feel loved and supported.



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