Astrological Forecast October 2013


As of two days ago Mars (the warrior planet and planet of action) has finally moved out of the sign of Cancer where he is weakest and into a friend’s sign, Leo. The Sun (the King) rules the sign of Leo and since the Sun and Mars are buddies, Mars performs well here. Mars will be transiting Leo until November 26th. The image of the warrior spending time at the king’s castle comes to mind. During this time we can expect to feel more self-reliant, confident and maybe even a bit aristocratic. Our confidence may lead us to initiate big schemes and march fearlessly into the fray. This is all good as long as we don’t allow our self-assuredness to carry us away into ego land. The other part of Mars this month is that he is looking at or is aspecting exotically beautiful and passionate Venus in Scorpio all month. Venus in Scorpio (Mars’ sign) is already a very steamy placement for sensual Venus and she will be there until October 29th. Adding the aspect of Mars onto Venus amps up the emotional intensity quite a bit. The descriptors, “active passions”, “obsession” and “discord in love” come to mind. My advice, rely on Mercury in Libra. Mercury will be in the creative and harmonious sign of Libra until December 1st. He will be in Libra a little longer than usual since he will be going retrograde from October 21st - November 10th. He will also be joining Saturn (delays) and Rahu (insatiability) who are now separating after their big conjunction two weeks ago. With the shut down of the U.S. Government, it appears that the power struggle between Rahu and Saturn although weakening, is still quite powerful. Mercury joining the two heavy hitters should help work differences out through diplomatic communication. Libra is the sign of the diplomat and when Mercury spends time here he is friendly, courteous and sweetly persuasive. So too can we all use this positive way of communicating in all aspects of our lives to smooth out the bumps. The big events of October and early November are the eclipses. A lunar eclipse will take place on Saturday, October 18th in Libra/Aries and a total solar eclipse will occur on November 3rd in the sign of Libra with Mercury, Saturn and Rahu. It’s a party! Eclipses are wild cards and it is unclear what the results will be. It makes total sense that it would be difficult to predict the results of an eclipse in that an eclipse is a momentary blocking of the light cast from the Sun (soul) or the Moon (mind). It’s as if we are temporarily separated from a part of ourselves. This is why the ancient seers of India thought it best to sit in meditation during eclipses. It is also said that eclipses activate the houses of the birth chart that they occur in or the planets that they conjunct by two or three degrees. Since an eclipse is a temporary blocking and then revealing, it is also said that eclipses reveal something hidden, something that is begging to be seen. Until next time... Tracy

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