Astrological Forecast September 2013

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The big news this month is that transiting Rahu (north node) and transiting Saturn are forming a conjunction. They are approaching each other as I write. The conjunction will be exact on September 17th. Rahu and Saturn are both transiting the constellation of Libra (relationships), so this has put a lot of emphasis on relationships in our lives for the past two years and will continue to do so for another year, until Saturn moves into the constellation of Scorpio. Rahu entered Libra in January 2013 and will leave the Libra in July 2014. So this makes the time period between January 2013 and July 2014 particularly intense in the relationship department. What does it all mean? Saturn is the planet of restriction, discipline and control and Rahu is the planet of unbounded desire, restlessness and materialism. With such different energies combining, there is bound to be power struggles and conflict. Historically when these two planets combine, they create war. This manifests on a global level, and this can also manifest in some aspect of your personal life. (This is where it helps to know your Vedic rising sign and moon sign, so you can figure out what house/s Rahu and Saturn are transiting.) On a global level, we are seeing the possibility of the USA entering into a war with Syria. The last time Rahu and Saturn were forming a conjunction was the year 2002 in the sign of Taurus when the USA was preparing to attack Iraq. This time there is a distinct astrological difference: Jupiter is in Gemini and therefore throwing an aspect to Rahu and Saturn. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and blessings, so there is a good chance that war will be averted. In addition, during the exact conjunction of Rahu and Saturn over the next several days, Venus will also be traveling through the sign of Libra, a sign that it rules. Venus in Libra is the quintessential diplomat or peacemaker, pointing to the promise of an outcome of peace. Mean while Mars is traveling through the sign of Cancer, where is debilitated or weak and unpredictable. It may be weak, but it is still Mars (aggression) and it has something to say. It is also throwing an aspect to Saturn and Rahu, which is a large part of why everything is coming to a head right now. Once Mars moves out of Cancer and into Leo, we can expect the issues with Syria to subside. What can you do personally during this intense time? It is a good time to lay low and spend time doing activities that take you inward such as meditation, yoga, running, walking, writing, etc. It’s a good time to spend quality time with yourself and let unpredictable Mars do its thing. When the smoke clears and Mars goes into Leo on October 5th you can greet the world full on once again.



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