Jupiter Moves Into Gemini, May 30th, 2013 - June 19, 2014

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Get ready for expansion and movement in your life, as Jupiter the “guru” and great benefic is moving from the constellation of Taurus into the constellation of Gemini on Thursday, May 30th. Jupiter is a slow moving planet and changes signs only once a year, so the change is significant. In addition, Jupiter in Gemini will be aspecting transiting Saturn and Rahu (north node) in Libra. What does this mean for you? Well, Saturn and Rahu are two of the “bad boys” in astrology. They can create chaos and suffering where they transit and aspect. For the past year and half Saturn has been transiting Libra causing obstacles, delays and even breaks in the area of life represented by the Libra house in your chart. On top of that, Rahu (obsession and delusion) came to join Saturn in Libra in January, 2013. So for the past five months these two potential trouble makers have been making havoc together without any positive influence to balance them out. Now comes Jupiter to the rescue to create much needed hope and optimism in the area of life governed by the Libra house in your chart. For example, this is a chart of a young woman with Cancer rising. Cancer is indicated by the number 4 in the first house (Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac). Therefore the Libra house is the fourth house (mother, home, happiness). As soon as Saturn began transiting the 4th house, this young woman sublet her home and began several months of foreign travel on her own. A change in the home situation can occur with Saturn going through the fourth, but what makes it much more likely here is that Saturn is the 8th house ruler both from the ascendent and the Moon. The 8th house is the house of deep and lasting change and Saturn as the ruler of this house has the ability to create transformation where it transits. After eight months of traveling, she returned to the United States to say good bye to family and friends and give up her apartment. She had decided to relocate abroad.

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She relocated abroad in September, 2012 and has been establishing herself in her new home. Although she is happy with her decision to move, there have been periods of feeling alone and isolated (Saturn). I suspect that with Jupiter moving into her 12th house, aspecting the 4th house and transiting Saturn and Rahu, she will be feeling much more at home in her new home and new country during the next year. In addition, Jupiter will be going over her Moon (home, emotions), giving her an overall positive outlook as well as expanding her world. I suspect she will travel a lot this year (12th house) to foreign countries and may even move again. I say this, because now there are three planets activating the 4th house, Jupiter is going over the moon, aspecting Mercury lord of the 4th house from the Moon and transiting the 4th house from the Sun. That is a lot of 4th house action! I will keep you posted... Cheers, Tracy

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