A Committed and Harmonious Relationship

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I promised in last month’s blog that I would discuss the chart of someone who has the ability to have a committed, loving and long lasting relationship. Well the person I have selected is no longer on the planet, but he is a good example for our purposes. This person is Paul Newman. Although he had two marriages, his second marriage to Joanne Woodward was a 50 year marriage that is described as loving and harmonious. So let’s take al look... One of the first things to take note of, is that Paul Newman is a Sagittarius rising. In other words, the constellation that was coming up over the eastern horizon was Sagittarius, and Sagittarius is a dual sign. It represents two dynamics in one. We see this in its symbol the centaur which is half horse and half man. This duality shows itself in the main pillars of life: self, home, partner and career. This duality occurs when any of the four dual signs are rising: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. How did this duality work itself out in Newman’s life? He had two marriages and two careers. His second career, race car driving, although secondary, was significant.

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 Paul Newman, 1/26/1925, 6:30am, Cleveland, OH Sagittarius in general is a generous and optimistic sign, connected with high morals and ethics. In Paul Newman’s case, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius sit in the first house of self in the sign that it owns, Sagittarius. So Jupiter is the ruler of the chart and represents Newman himself. Also, because Jupiter sits in its own sign, it is very strong and and gives good results for the houses it rules and the houses it aspects. It rules the 1st house as I previous noted, and it also rules the 4th house of property, cars and one’s home and family. 

As we know, he had way above average cars and homes. Jupiter also aspects the 7th house of relationships, the 5th house of children and creativity, and the 9th house of father, good fortune and morals. This would give him good relationships, children, and again good morals and an abundance of good fortune. This karma is further supported by the benefic planets Mercury and Venus, who also sit in the 1st house with Jupiter. The only negative to the relationship front is an exalted Saturn aspecting the lord of the 7th house Mercury, leading to a break in the first marriage.

During his second marriage, Newman was often asked why he didn’t commit infidelity. His answer was, “Why would I go out for hamburger when I have steak at home.” He also reportedly donated more than $150 million to philanthropic causes during his lifetime. After all, he said, “you can only put away so much stuff in your closet.” Until next month... Cheers, Tracy

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