Passion & Romance In the Birth Chart

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Vedic astrology is an excellent tool for understanding how you are in relationships and determining if and when a relationship will come into your life. Vedic astrology is also great for seeing what kind of person you are most compatible with, and what the personality and characteristics of your ideal partner may be. To demonstrate this, let’s take a look at the chart of Charlie Chaplin. We all know him as the genius silent film actor/comedian, and he certainly was amazing. However, in his personal life, relationships were a disaster. He was known for having multiple relationships with much younger women and he married four times. Let’s see why. Charlie Chaplin’s ascendent is in the sign of Libra, a sign that is relationship oriented. The lord of the ascendent is Venus the relationship planet and it placed in the 7th house of relationships. Also, the moon is placed in the 1st house (his personality) signifying that he is quite emotional and likes intimacy. So, right away we see that relationships are a central part of his existence. He won’t feel complete unless he is in a relationship. Of course wanting and being in a relationship is a healthy way to be, but with Chaplin there are complications. What are they? Well, for starters, Venus sitting in the 7th house is considered to be too much Venusian energy. This occurs because the planet representing sensuality and relationships sits in the house of sensuality and relationships. This can make either the chart owner and/or the person he is involved with super passionate and unfaithful. On top of that, Mars the planet of sexuality is with Venus. This combination is famous for creating intense passion in a person, as well as charisma and charm. Another combination that sits across the 1st and 7th house axis is the Moon/Venus mutual aspect. When Venus and the moon are opposite each other or together in a house, the chart owner is usually highly romantic. They love being in love.

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 Charlie Chaplin, April 16, 1889, 8:00 pm In addition to all the romance and passion combinations in this chart, there are five key reasons why Chaplin had multiple scandalous relationships. The first is that Venus besides being the ruler of the 1st house is also the ruler of the 8th house (secrets, scandals, endings). Having the ruler of the 8th house placed in the 7th house of relationships with the lord of the 7th house, Mars makes it difficult to keep a relationship. The 8th house energy doesn’t allow it. One way around this would have been for him to find a partner who embodied 8th house energy, i.e; someone spiritual and metaphysical or someone who delved deeply into the psyche such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. The second point is the placement of the Sun. The Sun is a separative planet and when it sits in the 7th house, there is a good chance of separation from the partner or partners. To add more potency to this placement, the Sun is not only in the 7th house, it is with the 7th lord and Venus karaka or significator for relationships. The third point is that Saturn (the other separative planet) is aspecting the 7th house and all the planets there. The fourth reason is the lord of the 11th house in a chart is a multiplier, it multiplies what ever it touches. In this case, the 11th lord is the Sun and as I said before, it sits in the 7th house with the 7th lord and Venus the significator relationships. So we would expect this person to have an endless stream of relationship opportunity and he did. The fifth reason brings us back to what I introduced in last month’s blog: the four domains of life. Where as the Indian saint, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa had an abundance of dharma (duty and purpose) and moksha (spiritual liberation) in his horoscope, Charlie Chaplin has an abundance of kama (desire, pleasure, affection, emotion). You may remember that the three kama houses are 3, 7, and 11. Well, in Charlie Chaplin’s birth chart, the lord of the 3rd house, Jupiter, sits in the 3rd house. That makes this house incredibly strong for third house matters (communication, good with hands, writing) but since Jupiter casts his gaze over to the 7th house, we get the 3rd lord, a kama lord, aspecting another kama house and its lord Mars, another kama lord. We beginning to see a build up of kama. To top it off, the lord of the 11th house, the last kama house, the Sun, sits in the 7th house. So that gives us another kama lord hitting the 7th house. In other words, all three kama lords are effecting the 7th house of relationships. Whew! Now that is a kama chart.He certainly had his challenges. Look out for next month’s blog where I will be discussing the chart of someone who actually has a great chart for healthy and long lasting relationships. What a concept! Cheers, Tracy

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