Sensual Venus Conjuncts Rahu: December 11, 2012 - January 4, 2013

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Fasten your seat belts, here comes the yearly Venus/Rahu conjunction, and it’s happening in sexy Scorpio! Venus is the archetype for love, sex, relationships, beauty, art and what makes us happy. It represents our passion, how we dress, what we find beautiful, what type of car we own, our wealth, scents, jewelry, and flowers. So now that this wonderful goddess of enjoyment and luxury is spending a few weeks with Rahu in the emotional and impulsive sign of Scorpio, what can we expect? Well, you may remember that Rahu the head of the serpent exaggerates and distorts. He is total unquenchable desire. When he teams up with lovely Venus, all things Venusian are heightened. During this time if we are not in a relationship we may want one. However, we don’t want the kind of relationship that is slow and steady, we want the kind that starts with a bang and goes full throttle. We want a full on sexually intense romantic relationship with a twist, and we want it NOW! If we are in a relationship, we may feel quite a bit more passionate than usual and look for ways to bring a feeling of excitement and edge to our partnership. We may also find that our desire for buying luxury items increases. Suddenly, our restraint around spending money on things we don’t need is gone and we want what we want, end of story. We may find that our taste in art and products of physical adornment such as clothes and jewelry may be a bit outside the norm, and find ourselves attracted to exotic, mysterious and sensual art and comforts. The good news is some unexpected money could drop in our laps so that we can spend freely. To give you a feeling of what Venus and Rahu can do when someone has this combination in their natal birth chart, as will anyone who is born in the next few weeks, here are few examples. Elvis Presley: he broke boundaries in music, possessed incredible sexual charisma and indulged in hundreds of relationships. Elizabeth Taylor: who was the embodiment of beauty and glamour, had an unending need for collecting expensive gems and was married eight times to seven different men. Taylor Swift: She has both beauty and wealth in abundance and at the age of 23 years has already had a string of relationships. She is quoted as saying, “ I don’t know how to make a relationship last.” So go ahead and enjoy this indulgent combination and explore your darker side. Take some risks in your relationship these next few weeks. Buy a flashy dress, go to an eccentric art show, listen to some jazz or go see some avant garde modern dance performance. Cheers, Tracy

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