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Since Tracy was a child, she have been fascinated by the unseen realms and the mystery and complexities of the human mind. Eventually, this interest in archetypes, psychology, philosophy and metaphysics manifested itself in the form of a deep interest in astrology, and she began the study and practice of both Western and Indian Astrology. However, it wasn’t until May 2007 that the profound nature of astrology deeply affected her and helped to save her father’s life.


In a Vedic chart, one of the meanings of the Sun is the father, and when Saturn (a planet that brings separation and loss) aspects the Sun by transit, there can be difficulties for the father. In May, 2007, this is exactly what was happening in Tracy's astrology chart. The Sun in her chart sits in the 8th house. The 8th House is the house of endings, death and transformation. She was very aware that Saturn in the sky was transiting her Sun and that could mean problems for dad. He was living in Massachusetts at the time and wasn’t doing well. He was both depressed and drinking excessively. Tracy was talking to him regularly to support him in any way she could. 


One day she called and he didn’t answer the phone. She called again the next day and still no answer. She thought that maybe he had lost his phone, but her concern was growing, so she called a friend of his, Lisa, to see if she could look in on him. Thankfully, she answered the phone. A short while later, she received a call from Lisa saying that her father was laying on the floor of his apartment conscious, but was unable to move. She asked her to put him on the phone. He tried to talk but his words were slurred. Lisa came back on the phone, and Tracy told her to call 911. She hung up the phone and a few hours later she was sitting at his bedside at the hospital thankful that her father was still alive. 


He had had a seizure due to sudden alcohol withdrawal and had been lying on the floor of his apartment for a day or more. He went through detox program and was transferred to a rehab where he learned how to walk again and slowly regained his mental faculties.


Tracy was in awe that astrology combined with intuition had saved her father’s life. A window opened in her mind, and she knew she wanted to take astrology to the next level and share this amazing knowledge with the world. She also realized, being faced with the near loss of my father, that life is precious and extremely short. 


Since then she has become steeped in the Shamanic and Vedic traditions, become certified as a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist and continues to learn new cutting edge healing techniques that she uses in during her coaching sessions.

She have been blessed with such great teachers as Penny Farrow, Marc Boney and Steven Highburger.


For her formal education, She studied abroad at Trinity College at Oxford University in England and received her B.A. from Smith College. She lived in the Canary Islands for four years and has traveled extensively throughout Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, England, The Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, the Czech Republic, New Zealand and Peru. 


During each session, Tracy utilizes all of her training and experience to provide you with a thorough and in depth experience that helps you understand how you are wired, what your talents and strengths are, what your challenges are and what the future may bring.


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