to the wonderful world of Jyotisha, also known as Vedic astrology. Jyotisha, is the ancient astrological science of India and has an unbroken lineage going back over five thousand years. Derived from the Sanskrit word Jyoti meaning “light”, Jyotisha is often referred to as the science of light for it can help us to see the past, present and future clearly as well as give us insight into who we are and how to best actualize our potential.

A Vedic astrology reading may be beneficial for you, if you


- stuck in your career or relationship

- uncertain about your life purpose

- unclear why you may be having relationship difficulties

- wondering when you will have a significant relationship or get married

- curious as to when you will have children

- planning an IVF procedure and want to know the best timing for a successful result

- interested in evolving spiritually

- simply want to know yourself better

- feel that you would benefit from a spiritual remedy due to going through a difficult time


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Tracy Atkinson Astrology

What people are saying...

"Tracy is an incredibly empathetic, intuitive and compassionate person who will empower you to achieve your dreams.


She listens without judgement and offers insightful observations and gentle guidance as well as practical recommendations and coaching. Give yourself the gift of her guidance. You will feel more empowered in the present and excited about the future."



Fern Olivia

"Tracy's presence is both laser-sharp and warmly soft. Our reading helped clarify some aspects of my personality and my path in a way that showed me clarity and peace....


Her insight is so valuable, and has helped me make choices that are in my highest alignment. I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of this experience with Tracy!"


Speaker, Writer & Influencer

Joseph Morales

“Since seeing Tracy for coaching sessions, I've been feeling more confident, optimistic and even joyful.


My concentration has improved and I'm feeling more present than I have in a long time.”




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